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November 25, 2011
Ruth McDonald, RPA-C

In This Issue
Black Friday Is About More Than Bargains, Expert Says
Allergy Sufferers Should Prepare for Holiday Triggers
Health Tip: Protect Kids Who Have Food Allergies
Could Slow Eating Be Key to Staying Slim?
Doctor, Take a Cue From Shakespeare
1st Artificial Windpipe Made With Stem Cells Seems Successful
Intermittent Steroid Use Called OK for Wheezing Preschoolers
Newer Blood Thinner May Pose Danger to Trauma Patients
Today's Feature

Due to the THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY, CNY Family Care will be CLOSED on Thursday & Friday, November 24th & 25th. We will resume normal office hours on Saturday, November 26th (9am to 2pm). As always, patients can call and speak with one of our Triage nurses for medical assistance whenever our office is closed.

FLU CLINICS are now set up on Thursday evenings from 5:30 to 7pm and Saturdays from 9am-1pm. If you are an established patient, you can call our office and set up an appointment to come in for a flu shot during one of the clinics. All patients may also request a flu shot if they are here for an office visit.

COMING SOON: Our CNY Family Care Managment Team is working on setting up access through a "Portal" where all interested patients would be able to get additional medical services via our website. Once this connection is up and running, patients will receive a letter from our practice that will include an activation code which will give them access to the Portal. We thank you for your patience as we make these improvements. 
We are pleased to provide you with this newsletter.  We hope you find the information to be helpful and we look forward to assisting you with any future health care needs.


Health News

Black Friday Is About More Than Bargains, Expert Says

For many, the big shopping day can be a psychological adventure, expert advises

THURSDAY, Nov. 24 Black Friday, the kickoff to the holiday shopping season, is as much about the quest as it is about getting good deals, according to a marketing expert.

"The more you build on the Black Friday adventure phenomenon, the mo... » Read the full article

Allergy Sufferers Should Prepare for Holiday Triggers

Asthma patients, those who react to food or environmental allergens should plan ahead: experts

THURSDAY, Nov. 24 The holiday season can be a challenge for people with allergies and asthma, but there are a number of things they can do to protect themselves, allergists say.

Food allergies are an issue because many traditional holiday ... » Read the full article

Health Tip: Protect Kids Who Have Food Allergies

Suggestions to keep them safer

Depending on your child's sensitivity, a food allergy can range from very mild to life-threatening.

The American Dietetic Association offers these suggestions to help protect kids who have food allergies:

Always check food labels for potential allerg... » Read the full article

Could Slow Eating Be Key to Staying Slim?

Overweight people eat faster, studies say

WEDNESDAY, Nov. 23 With Thanksgiving feasting here, new research suggests a simple way to avoid packing on holiday pounds: Eat more slowly.

Heavier people eat faster than slim ones, and men chow down faster than women, two new studies find... » Read the full article

Doctor, Take a Cue From Shakespeare

Mind-body links frequent in the Bard's plays and poems, researcher says

WEDNESDAY, Nov. 23 Doctors might gain a better understanding of the mind-body connection by reading the plays and poems of William Shakespeare because he regularly used physical symptoms to illustrate his characters' deep emotions, a researcher suggests.

Dr. Kenneth ... » Read the full article

1st Artificial Windpipe Made With Stem Cells Seems Successful

Using patient's own cells to create custom airway cut risk for transplant rejection, scientists say

WEDNESDAY, Nov. 23 A 36-year-old husband and father of two children with an inoperable tumor in his trachea (windpipe) has received the world's first artificial trachea made with stem cells.

A report published online Nov. 23 in The Lancet described the transp... » Read the full article

Intermittent Steroid Use Called OK for Wheezing Preschoolers

Study finds daily steroids not necessary for tots with recurrent but not persistent wheeze

WEDNESDAY, Nov. 23 Preschoolers who have recurrent wheezing episodes but not an asthma diagnosis are often prescribed inhaled steroid medication, and new research suggests it's OK to take those medications on an as-needed basis instead of every day.

Respiratory illn... » Read the full article

Newer Blood Thinner May Pose Danger to Trauma Patients

Pradaxa has caused severe bleeding problems that can't be reversed, trauma surgeon says

WEDNESDAY, Nov. 23 A new blood thinner touted for its convenience and enhanced quality of life may have hidden problems that could threaten the lives of certain patients, a new report suggests.

A letter to the editor in the Nov. 24 issue of the New England Journal... » Read the full article

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» High Cholesterol: Should I Take Statins?
» Taking Medicines as Prescribed
» Quick Tips: Getting in Shape Without Spending Money

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