The Senate's Reform Package & Liability Reform Enters the Debate

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September 25, 2009
In this issue
» Baucus Bill Offers a Mixed Bag of Health-Reform Ideas

» President's Nod to Liability Reform Is Seen as a Welcome Step

» FDA Needs More Money, Authority to Ensure Drug Safety, ACP Urges

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Welcome to The ACP Advocate.

In this week’s issue you’ll find continuing coverage of health care reform. We tell you about the comprehensive reform package that was released by the Senate Finance Committee Chairman, Senator Max Baucus. We also take a look at how liability reform is finally becoming part of the health care reform debate. Finally, you’ll find a new policy paper from the College that calls for reforms to the FDA to better enable them to monitor drug safety.

For more coverage of health care reform take a look at my blog, The ACP Advocate Blog by Bob Doherty. I encourage you to post your own comments and become part of the discussion taking place among members like you.

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In the news
» Baucus Bill Offers a Mixed Bag of Health-Reform Ideas
  Proposal mandates coverage, offers less-generous subsidies and fails to resolve the SGR formula debate

A heavily anticipated health-reform proposal released Sept. 16 by Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.), chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, contains many provisions that are consistent with policy established by the American College of Physicians. It also stray... » Click to read the full article

» President's Nod to Liability Reform Is Seen as a Welcome Step
  Action could help sway physician support of health reform

President Obama's mention of medical liability reform in his recent health-care speech to Congress was encouraging to supporters of reform, though it was short on details of what the administration plans to do about the issue and when.

A transc... » Click to read the full article

» FDA Needs More Money, Authority to Ensure Drug Safety, ACP Urges
  Recommendations include more control over trials and clearer labeling of new drugs

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration needs increased funding and expanded regulatory authority to adequately oversee the safety and effectiveness of prescription drugs manufactured in the United States and overseas, according to new recommendations from t... » Click to read the full article

In focus
ACP Calls for Support for the FDA
In a new policy paper released this week the College calls for reforms to improve the agency’s ability to approve and monitor new drugs. The complete paper can be found at the link above, and an in-depth look at the new policy can be found in the main section of this newsletter.

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