Debt-ceiling resolution implications and Medical Home Builder expansion and update

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August 19, 2011
In this issue
» For Health Care, Federal Budget Talks Raise Risks

» ACP Expands and Updates Medical Home Builder

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Welcome to The ACP Advocate,

So much has happened since our last issue! 

Last month, I told you about ACP advocacy efforts 
with the debt-ceiling debate.  They included independent ACP letters, statements and alerts.  We also signed on to several collaborative efforts with other healthcare groups.

This issue's first article tells how that rancorous debate was resolved... for now anyway. 

The details on ACP's advocacy strategy for the select (or "super") committee, GME, SGR and other issues will be explained soon.  For now, suffice it to say, that in the coming months, ACP will be advocating its legislative priorities with the House and Senate authorizing committees as well as with the super committee.  The timing of those advocacy actions will pretty much be dictated by the super and authorizing committees.

This issue's second article explains why there's so much excitement around our office. The Medical Home Builder, an online community that can help ambulatory care practices with any combination of quality improvement, practice efficiency, and medical home recognition preparation launched earlier this week.  It provides self-paced, team-oriented, practice assessment modules, access to pertinent resources -- including customizable documents and templates -- and peer-to-peer/practice-to-practice links for sharing ideas and asking questions of others working through similar issues.

Hope you've had a good summer.  With fall upon us, we're returning to two issues and more articles each month.  The next editions will be coming out on Sept. 9 and 23.
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Yours truly,

Bob Doherty
Senior Vice President
Governmental Affairs and Public Policy
American College of Physicians

In the news
» For Health Care, Federal Budget Talks Raise Risks
  Physician training, community health centers, Medicare and more could face funding cuts

For physicians, much is at stake in the U.S. government's efforts to control spending.

After weeks of political brinksmanship and contentious debate, Congress and the president compromised on a plan to raise the debt ceiling by $2.4 trillion, ena... » Click to read the full article

» ACP Expands and Updates Medical Home Builder
  Online tool now includes new features and resources that encourage exchange of ideas, advice and experiences

The American College of Physicians' interactive online tool that provides remote guidance for practices has launched an updated version with new features and functions to better help physicians handle certain clinical situations and apply for key accredita... » Click to read the full article

In focus
ACP accepting applications for D.C. health policy internship.
The internship is open to associate and medical student members. This Internship represents a unique opportunity for one Associate and one Medical Student Member to develop legislative knowledge and advocacy skills by working directly with the College’s Washington, D.C., staff and participating in ACP’s 2012 annual Leadership Day. The deadline for applications is October 14.

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