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Patient Information
Medical Condition Visits
To maintain your health, it is important to follow the suggested regimen of visits and care as prescribed by your physician.  Certain medications require routine bloodwork to allow the physician to monitor and change (if necessary) the medications you are receiving.  If our clinical staff sees that you are not being compliant, you will be asked to come in for an office visit.

Referrals and Managed Care Issues
We make every effort to cooperate with your managed care programs and their policies regarding referrals and pre-certification. As a general rule, our practice will not make referrals to specialists if you have not been seen in our office for the problem related to the referral. We will also not make a referral if you have never been seen in our offices, or if you have not been seen in our offices in the last 6 months. If you call our office because you need a referral, you will probably (unless it is for an ongoing chronic issue) be asked to come in.
Medication Refills
If you are currently on a maintenance medication please contact our office at least  72 hours before your medication runs out so that it can be refilled. Our office policy is to have patients visit on a regualr schedule to allow us to monitor their condition. Certain medications, such as chonic pain medications, will require a visit ever 2-3 months for monitoring and evaluation.  Brentwood Medical will not fill prescription requests if a patient has not been compliant with this policy.

Please check with your insurance prior to requesting certain immunizations to determine if your benefit coverage includes them.  You may be required to pay a certain portion at the time of service by your benefit plan.  Please check in advance.
Prior Authorization for Medications
It can sometimes take 48-72 hours for your insurance to process the information and send us a decision on the request. Please plan accordingly so you do not run out of your medication.
Prior Authorization for Testing
Please be aware that some testing requires prior authorization.  You may not be able to have your scheduled test due to restrictions in your benefit coverage.  Please check with your insurance to determine if you are ale to have certain testing performed.

 Your copay is due upon arrival. If you do not have your copay, your appointment will be rescheduled.

Requests to have forms filled out and completed that are not presented during an office visit will have a charge associated with them.  Please contact the office for additional information if you need any forms completed.

Hospital Affiliation

Jefferson Regional Medical Center