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Substance Related Disorders

Introduction to Substance Related Disorders
A substance related disorder is the regular or frequent use of an illegal or harmful substance (most often an illegal drug and/or alcohol) that causes problems in some aspect of a person’s life. Theses disorders are both common and a public health concern.
A substance related disorder could cause or worsen many medical problems as well as destroy families and lives. People with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, or an anxiety disorder, frequently have an associated substance related disorder.
recommended reading

These articles provide in-depth information and are written to help you make the best healthcare decisions for you and your loved ones.

Alcohol and Drug Problems
Alcohol Abuse and Dependence
Teen Alcohol and Drug Abuse

The DSM is a reference book used by psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and other health and mental health care providers to understand and diagnose a mental health problem.

Substance-Related Disorders DSM
Alcohol Effects on a Fetus
Bipolar Disorder
Bipolar Disorder in Children and Adolescents
Depression in Children and Adolescents
Smoking Cessation
action sets
When dealing with an illness or health problem, you have to make decisions—when to call a doctor, which test to have, and what treatment to use. Decision Points are designed to help you learn about your choices and options, and to prepare you to work with your healthcare provider to make the best decision for your care.
Recognizing and dealing with teen substance use
How to stop drinking alcohol on your own
Helping a person get treatment for alcohol abuse or dependence
medication center
medication assistance

This section provides you with an alphabetical listing of more than 1,000 medications, including prescription drugs and those you can purchase over-the-counter. Just select your medications to learn more about them. You can choose your medication by brand name or generic name.

Medications A-Z

If you are having difficulty paying for your medications you may qualify for financial assistance or free medications. Visit the Medication Assistance Center to learn about available medication and insurance programs.

Don't let financial problems stop you from getting the treatment you need; there are resources and organizations that may be able to help you.

additional resources

This listing provides you with Internet sites that are sponsored by government agencies or are well-known and credible national organizations.

Alcoholics Anonymous
MEDLINEplus—Alcohol Consumption
MEDLINEplus—Drug Abuse
National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
National Institute on Drug Abuse

Surfing the Internet
When looking at Internet sites, remember that the information can be sponsored by anyone. Take into account the sponsoring group or individual when gathering information or help. Be especially careful about giving out personal or financial information.

Learn more about surfing the web:

Depresión - [Depression]
Problemas con el alcohol y las drogas - [Alcohol and Drug Problems]
Problemas de salud mental - [Mental Health Problems]
Suicidio - [Suicide]

Last modified on: 30 June 2015

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