Dealing with Emergencies

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  • Children will swallow just about anything, including poisons
  • When in doubt, assume the worst
  • Always believe a child who indicates that he or she has swallowed poison.

Call 911, your local poison control center, or the National Poison Control Hotline 1-800-222-1222 immediately.

recommended reading
These articles provide in-depth information and are written to help you make the best healthcare decisions for you and your loved ones.
Animal and Human Bites
Burns to the Eye
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Chest Pain
Choking Rescue Procedure (Heimlich Maneuver)
Cold Temperature Exposure
Dealing With Emergencies
Head Injury, Age 3 and Younger
Head Injury, Age 4 and Older
Heart Attack and Unstable Angina
Heat-Related Illnesses
Insect Bites and Stings and Spider Bites
Puncture Wounds
Snake and Lizard Bites
Swallowed Objects
Terrorism and Other Public Health Threats

decision points
When dealing with an illness or health problem, you have to make decisions—when to call a doctor, which test to have, and what treatment to use. Decision Points are designed to help you learn about your choices and options, and to prepare you to work with your healthcare provider to make the best decision for your care.
Should I receive CPR and mechanical ventilation?
tests & procedures

Your doctor may recommend screening or diagnostic tests to evaluate your condition. To learn more about these tests and diagnostic procedures use the section of this site called Medical Tests A to Z.

Allergic Reaction
Animal and Human Bites
Chest Pain
Confusion, Memory Loss, and Altered Alertness
Nervous System Problems
Suicidal Thoughts or Threats
medication center
medication assistance

This section provides you with an alphabetical listing of more than 1,000 medications, including prescription drugs and those you can purchase over-the-counter. Just select your medications to learn more about them. You can choose your medication by brand name or generic name.

Medications A-Z

If you are having difficulty paying for your medications you may qualify for financial assistance or free medications. Visit the Medication Assistance Center to learn about available medication and insurance programs.

Don't let financial problems stop you from getting the treatment you need; there are resources and organizations that may be able to help you.

additional resources

This listing provides you with Internet sites that are sponsored by government agencies or are well-known and credible national organizations.

American Association of Poison Control Centers
American College of Emergency Physicians—Health Information
American Red Cross
FEMA—Federal Emergency Management Agency
MEDLINEplus—Disasters and Emergency Preparedness
National Center for Injury Control and Prevention

Surfing the Internet
When looking at Internet sites, remember that the information can be sponsored by anyone. Take into account the sponsoring group or individual when gathering information or help. Be especially careful about giving out personal or financial information.
Learn more about surfing the web:
Agotamiento por calor e insolación - [Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke]
Ataques al corazón - [Heart Attack]
Choque - [Shock]
Congelación - [Frostbite]
Contusiones abdominales - [Blunt Abdominal Wounds]
Cortadas - [Cuts]
Cómo detener las hemorragias fuertes - [Stopping Severe Bleeding]
Cómo entablillar una extremidad - [Splinting]
Cómo medir el pulso - [Taking a Pulse]
Cómo medir la frecuencia respiratoria - [Counting Respiration Rates]
Desastres y amenazas a la salud pública - [Disasters and Public Health Threats]
Envenenamiento - [Poisoning]
Golpes o heridas en la cabeza - [Head Injuries]
Hemorragias de la nariz - [Nosebleeds]
Heridas penetrantes - [Puncture Wounds]
Hipotermia - [Hypothermia]
Inconsciencia - [Unconsciousness]
Intoxicación por monóxido de carbono - [Carbon Monoxide Poisoning]
Mordeduras de animales o de personas - [Animal and Human Bites]
Picaduras de insectos y de arañas - [Insect and Spider Bites and Stings]
Quemaduras - [Burns]
Quemaduras eléctricas - [Electrical Burns]
Quemaduras químicas - [Chemical Burns]
Qué hacer en una emergencia - [Dealing With Emergencies]
Reanimación respiratoria y reanimación cardiopulmonar (RCP) - [Rescue Breathing and CPR]
Suicidio - [Suicide]
Técnica para rescatar a una persona que se está atragantando (maniobra de Heimlich) - [Choking Rescue Procedure (Heimlich Maneuver)]

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