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What to expect on your first visit

Your First Visit Will Include:


  • Detailed medical history evaluation, including details of your weight loss journey. Where have you had successes? Where have you had failures?
  • Comprehensive physical evaluation and blood testing.
  • Goal setting. Where do YOU want to go?
  • Meal planning. FDA appetite suppressants are prescribed on a needs basis.

    Success Stories

    Real People, Real Change

    Meet Gerald

    41 pounds lost in 4 months


    Gerald's Age

    236 lbs

    Start Weight

    41 lbs

    Pounds Lost So Far


    Months in Program

    I am a 69 year old man, retired, widowed, living alone and have had a weight problem.

    Since I have been retired, I have continually added weight at the rate of about 3 pounds a month.  I was concerned, and tried to self direct myself and tried Lean Cuisine, Fat Free Products, and NutriSystem.  I would lose a little bit, but then it would always come back.

    In March of 2014, during my annual physical with Dr. Jasser, I had hit a high of 236 pounds on my 5’10” frame.  My blood pressure was too high, and Dr had to adjust my blood pressure medicines to higher doses.  He explained to me that the stress I was putting on my heart, kidneys and that diabetes could develop.  A loss in weight could help lower my blood pressure, spare my organs, and prevent diabetes. He told my about a program his PA, Amy Ingersoll, was managing and gave me a hand out on it.

    It took me until July 15th to finally decide that I wanted to do the program. I did some research on the program and thought that it made sense.

    To be successful on anything, you have to commit to it. Remember Yoda teaching Luke in the swamp on becoming a Jedi? Yoda said:” Either you can or you cannot, there is no try.”  The mind is very powerful and what you tell yourself can have profound effects. If you say, “I’ll try.” You have already failed.  You have mentally given yourself an out,  when you give up you say “Well, I tried.”  You have to COMMITT.  Tell yourself: “I CAN and I WILL”. For me to commit, I had to realize that I needed to take control of my life and my health.

    The program has been enlightening for me.  What I thought was healthy eating was not the case.  As you go through the program, you learn about caloric count in foods, portion sizes, triggers that cause you to eat (overeat).  The one thing that became apparent to me was that I failed to plan ahead.  Living alone, I did not want to cook for one. So, when I got hungry, I went for quick and fast, and comfort food.  I did not plan out my meals, rather just foraged when I got hungry.

    Once I started the program, I discovered that I needed to plot out my day. What time I would drink my first shake, second shake, bars etc.  I had to write it down on paper with the item and time of day.  The first week was the hardest, as I did not have any energy and felt like sleeping most of the time. But, the weight started coming off right away and that encouraged me to stay the course.

    The one thing I really appreciated was the weekly meetings with Amy. My blood work, weight, urine, were all monitored each week to make sure I was not harming any muscle and that only the fat was being burned. Amy also used the weekly meetings to advise and explain.

    As time went on, exercise was added in to the program and other foods were introduced (in addition to the New Direction Products).

    Part of the process for me was to learn to plan ahead.  I started a food journal, keeping track of what I ate, time of day, water intake, and then a daily tally of total calories, protein and carbs.  This requires you read the food labels and educate yourself about what is in what you are eating.  As you go through this process, it requires that you plan our your grocery shopping, planning out your meals for several days in advance.  Once you have your plan down on paper, it is easy to follow.

    Today, November 13, 2014, I am 195 pounds. That is a loss of 41 pounds in less than 4 months.  I am more energetic.  I have osteoarthritis, and I ache and am stiff, but now that I have lost weight, I am more active, more flexible and in less pain.  My blood pressure has dropped 25-30 points and,in the near future, might be able to reduce or eliminate some of the prescription medicines that I am on.

    This program works. It is a lifestyle change.  It is not something you do for a few months and then go back to your old ways.  It is a life long commitment you make to yourself.  Amy has me set up for a 2 year program.  It started out with weekly meetings, now I go every other week. Soon, it will be once a month monitoring. As you go through each stage, you learn more and how to handle.

    For me, this has been educational, and an answer to my problem.  I highly recommend this program.  But, to be successful, you have to commit. You have to mentally convince and vow that you will be successful.  Temptations will happen, but you will be strong and overcome.

    One concern someone might have has to do with expense. For me, my insurance covered all of my labs and office visits. The only expense was for the New Direction Products. But, my grocery store expenses dropped off to zero for the first several months. As I am now starting to add in other foods, my total grocery bill plus New Direction Products is about the same as before I started the program.  Expense is not even a factor.

    Meet Pauline

    From Size 14 to Size 4


    Before I began this program, I am wearing a size 14 slacks and an XL top. I started the program in July, and achieved my weight loss goal by the end of October. I am now wearing size 4 bottom and a small top.

    Amy, I could not have done it without you.

    With sincere thanks,

    Pauline G.

Meet Bob

67 pounds lost in 4 months


It’s funny how sometimes certain events are just meant to be. In May of 2014 I received a letter from my long-time primary care physician. I figured it was a reminder for a future appointment, or even worse a forgotten balance due. It was neither. The letter simply stated that my insurance provider was no longer accepted! My Dad and brother have both been happy patients of Dr. Jasser, so I called to schedule an appointment in June. (My blood pressure medication was due to run out in July)

Dr. Jasser was very thorough. Almost all my health numbers were in the normal range – cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure (thanks to medication), and triglycerides. However, there were three numbers that were not normal. Those numbers were 2, 9, and 8 followed by the letters L, B, and S. In other words, I was just shy of 300 pounds. Now if there is one thing that I am an expert at, it’s losing weight. I have done it successfully for my entire adult life. The only thing I am better at is putting it back on (and then some). The clothes in my closet can attest to that fact. I had pants ranging from size 48 to size 38, and shirt sizes from XXXL to L. (I now have no pants larger than 38 and no shirts larger than XL, and Goodwill thanks me)

After my appointment with Dr. Jasser, he asked if I would like to talk to his associate to discuss weight loss. Enter Amy Ingersoll. Amy is very approachable and easy to talk to. Together we came up with a diet and exercise plan that has worked extremely well for me. In 16 weeks I have lost 67 pounds — about 4 pounds per week, and I’m off both blood pressure medications. I have also gone from just walking on a tread mill 30 minutes a day, to hiking over 20 miles per week. Amy is also a hiker/biker so has been very helpful with advice in that area. I have become a hiking junkie and can’t wait to get home every day to hit the mountain!

To me the most important thing about losing weight is to have a proper mind set. You have to want to commit, and want to do it for yourself. Until you want to do it for yourself, it won’t happen. The thing that really motivated me was the fact that here I was, this huge 300 pound fat guy, who was somehow genetically blessed with reasonably good health. On the other hand, I also have enough common sense to know that at 55 years of age you can only poke the bear for so long before he decides he has had enough! (There are only so many Ozzy Osbournes!)

Another thing that motivates me is seeing my success inspire others. It is beyond gratifying when someone you don’t know approaches you at your office cafeteria and asks you how you have lost so much weight, or when your son’s pediatrician asks you for weight loss advice! I have also given close friends and family members the hiking bug. My goal for 2015 is to weigh below 200 pounds and hike a 1000 miles. Grand Canyon here we come!

For me, taking weight off is easy. Keeping it off is the challenge. Even when I reach my goal I will continue to see Amy once a month. In between visits I sometimes email her with a quick question, or send a photo of me from my most recent hike. It makes accountability a little easier knowing you always have someone in your corner!

Meet John

250 pounds lost in 9 months

I started the program in March of 2014, and so far have lost over 250 pounds (as of November 2014). The program is easy to follow and I did not get hungry. I even traveled several times during the process and was able to bring the required food to maintain the diet. With the dramatic loss of pounds, I now have more energy and am able to do things that I have not been able to do for long while.

#1 Active Weight Loss

Active Phase is the first phase in our approach to improving your overall health. During this phase, you’ll meet with our medical providers on a regular basis as discussed at your initial consultation. During these visits you and your medical provider will discuss potential use of FDA approved anti-obesity medication, review nutrition and physical activity goals, and closely monitor chronic medical conditions, review laboratory results, adjust mediations as needed, and assess goals.

Every patient is different, and depending on your complexity of chronic medical conditions and body mass index (BMI) goal, you may be in the active weight loss phase for 2-5 months.

#2 Transition

Your transition phase happens when you and your medical provider feel you are close to achieving goal improvement in chronic medical conditions and BMI goals. This 6 week period includes regular meetings with your medical provider to review your progress. During this phase, calorie intake and physical activity are typically increased, with a focus on healthy and whole foods. Medications will continue to be monitored at this time and adjusted as needed.

#3: Maintenance

Our practice considers the maintenance phase to be critical, because most of the work is done independently. While each patient will still have access to free weekly weigh-ins, doctor visits are slowly tapered off. By now, each patient has learned new skills to help them maintain their weight loss, and the maintenance portion of the program encourages you to utilize the tools you’ve learned to keep your healthy lifestyle. You may continue on FDA approved anti-obesity medication long term if clinically indicated.