Give us your feedback

  1. I usually can get an appointment when I need it
  2. When I call the office for questions or medication refills the staff is very accommodating
  3. The reception staff was courteous and friendly
  4. Our office environment is clean and comfortable
  5. The total wait time for office appointment was reasonable
  6. The laboratory staff explained to NEW patients the lab tests being done and how the process works
  7. The laboratory staff explained specimen collection process with me (urine sample, 24 hour urine collection, stool samples, etc.)
  8. The laboratory staff was courteous and friendly
  9. The nursing staff reviewed all medications, allergies and made changes when indicated
  10. The nursing staff was knowledgeable when reviewing and updating chart information
  11. The nursing staff obtained my vital signs in a courteous and timely manner
  12. The nursing staff was courteous and friendly
  13. I trust my provider's medical decisions
  14. My provider explains medical condition(s) so I understand them
  15. My provider listens and answers my questions
  16. My provider spends appropriate amount of time with patients
  17. Who is your regular provider in our office?
  18. If we could improve one thing about our practice what would it be?