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July 05, 2013
George Sprite Barbee, III, RPh

In This Issue
Ice Pops Interfered With Hospital Patient's Lab Tests: Report
Lower Bacteria Levels in Gut May Be Tied to Autism in Kids
Urine Test Might Predict Kidney Transplant Rejection
Lifelong Reading, Hobbies Might Help Stave Off Dementia
First Organ Grown From Stem Cells Alone: Report
H7N9 Bird Flu Transmits From Person to Person, Study Finds
Complications More Likely With Emergency Gallbladder Surgery: Study
Scientists Make Genetic Discoveries About Limb Development
Today's Feature
Emily Scurlock, Editor

Get to know some of our Newest Employees!
Hey there! My name is Emily and I have been at Barbee Pharmacy for almost 10 months. I moved to Raeford over 2 years ago, but I grew up in the Raleigh area. I have been in the Fayetteville area for almost 5 years because my husband is in the Army and stationed at Ft. Bragg. We have been married for 4 years and have one daughter and two fur babies, Micah and Hannah. I am a graduate of UNC-Charlotte where I majored in Chemistry. I am mostly in the back of the pharmacy filling prescriptions and answering the phones, but recently I have been getting some exposure out on the registers. I am also working on the social media sites and websites for Lilley Pad and Barbee Pharmacy. Well I hope you learned a little about me and I look forward to continuing to get to know all of you as well.


Toby, Terrie's son, cashed out during awards day with awards in
*Social Studies
*and Most Respectful!
His recognition came from West Hoke Middle School!

We are going to start a fun, new addition to our newsletter. We are going to publish some of our favorite receipes from the Barbee Pharmacy and Gifts family.

This month our receipe comes from the Co-Owner of Barbee Pharmacy and Gifts, Connie Barbee.

Sausage Cream Cheese Croissants

1 (8oz) package of cream cheese
1 (16oz) package of sausage room temperature
Dash of garlic powder
Dash of onion powder
1 (12 pack) croissants

Cook sausage thoroughly then drain. Mix together warm sausage, cream cheese, garlic powder and onion powder until blended. Partially slit croissants and fill with mixture. Place on cookie sheet and bake
 in a 400o oven until golden brown.

Note: This mixture can also be used on crackers instead of croissants.

Look what's new at the Pharmacy!
We are launching a new program in our pharmacy that will make the process of requesting and receiving prescriptions much easier.
It is called
My Pharmacy Connect.
It will allow you to order prescription refills online.
You can receive reminders when it's time to refill your prescriptions.
You will be able to choose text, phone, email or all of the above for alerts when your medication is ready for pick-up.
When tax time comes around, you will be able to print your prescription history reports right at home.
You will be able to see information about the medications you are taking.
And best of all, it is
FREE to our customers.

See one of our Barbee Pharmacy staff members for information on how to sign up and also be watching for a link on our website,, to sign up. We look forward to making your health more convenient for you.


Health News

Ice Pops Interfered With Hospital Patient's Lab Tests: Report

Food additive might have led to false positive results for fungal infection

WEDNESDAY, July 3 Physicians should be aware that frozen ice pops -- a common treat in hospitals -- can fool tests designed to detect a fungal infection that threatens people with an weakened immune system, researchers report.<... » Read the full article

Lower Bacteria Levels in Gut May Be Tied to Autism in Kids

Study compared digestive tract samples from 40 children

WEDNESDAY, July 3 A link may exist between autism and bacteria in a child's digestive tract, a small new study suggests.

Researchers analyzed gut bacteria in fecal samples from 20 children with autism and 20 children... » Read the full article

Urine Test Might Predict Kidney Transplant Rejection

Whether it could improve patients' outcomes remains to be seen, experts say

WEDNESDAY, July 3 An experimental urine test might offer doctors a simple way to tell when a kidney transplant patient is rejecting the donor organ -- or possibly even predict a rejection before it happens, a new study suggests... » Read the full article

Lifelong Reading, Hobbies Might Help Stave Off Dementia

Stimulating activities may encourage brain to adapt and create 'work-arounds,' study suggests

WEDNESDAY, July 3 Use it or lose it: Doing brain-stimulating activities from childhood -- like reading books, writing letters and solving everyday problems -- through old age may help prevent clinical signs of dementia such as... » Read the full article

First Organ Grown From Stem Cells Alone: Report

Researchers say their advance, with livers for mice, may one day increase availability of human transplants

WEDNESDAY, July 3 Japanese scientists report they've turned a cocktail of stem cells into the world's first functioning livers.

The tiny livers were created in the lab and transplanted into mice, where they grew and b... » Read the full article

H7N9 Bird Flu Transmits From Person to Person, Study Finds

But it's not easily spread and public should not panic, expert says

WEDNESDAY, July 3 Contrary to previously published reports, the deadly H7N9 bird flu can spread from person to person and may be a serious threat to humans, Chinese health officials report.

The virus, which has killed... » Read the full article

Complications More Likely With Emergency Gallbladder Surgery: Study

Staying on top of symptoms may allow safer, planned procedures, researchers say

WEDNESDAY, July 3 Emergency gallbladder surgery carries a higher risk of complications than planned surgery, a new study finds.

Researchers analyzed data from nearly 600 gallbladder surgeries performed over eight mont... » Read the full article

Scientists Make Genetic Discoveries About Limb Development

Researchers looked at mice, monkeys and humans

WEDNESDAY, July 3 Thousands of sequences that control genes are active in the development of human limbs, a new study says.

The findings don't determine the exact genetic mechanisms that control development of limbs, ... » Read the full article

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