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January 06, 2012

In This Issue
Extra Calories, Low Protein Are Culprits in Weight Gain
Weight Loss Surgery Linked to Fewer Heart Attacks, Deaths
Persistence Is Key to Losing Weight and Keeping It Off
Eating Out Doesn't Have to Mean Excess Calories
Most Weight Regained by Older Women Is Fat, Study Finds
Early Food Choices Seem to Influence Taste for Salt Later
Fish May Cut Threat of Heart Disease in Young Women
The Mainstreaming of Vegan Diets
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Health News

Extra Calories, Low Protein Are Culprits in Weight Gain

Participants on higher-protein diets gained more muscle mass in small study

TUESDAY, Jan. 3 It's too many calories, not too much protein, that leads to unhealthy weight gain associated with overeating, new research suggests.

In a "do-not-try-this-at-home" study, 25 healthy participants followed diets containing different levels of protein --... » Read the full article

Weight Loss Surgery Linked to Fewer Heart Attacks, Deaths

People with serious cardiovascular issues may be good candidates, experts say

TUESDAY, Jan. 3 Obese people who undergo weight loss surgery appear to reduce their risk of heart attack, stroke and death, Swedish researchers report.

And these heart-health benefits seem to be connected with metabolic changes that occur after the surgery, such as ... » Read the full article

Persistence Is Key to Losing Weight and Keeping It Off

Mastering any new skill, including eating right and exercising, takes practice, expert says

SUNDAY, Jan. 1 Losing weight is one of the most common New Year's resolutions, but changing long-held behaviors is a skill in itself, a medical expert says.

To shed unwanted pounds and keep them off, people have to be ready to face some setbacks and keep on trying, s... » Read the full article

Eating Out Doesn't Have to Mean Excess Calories

Choose grilled over fried foods, and hold the cheese, mayo and creamy salad dressings

TUESDAY, Dec. 27 While the holidays tend to translate into restaurant meals that are bigger and higher in calories than those prepared at home, eating out doesn't have to be unhealthy, an expert says.

Making wise choices at restaurants can... » Read the full article

Most Weight Regained by Older Women Is Fat, Study Finds

Muscle-fat balance changes with yo-yo dieting, experts say

THURSDAY, Dec. 22 Some weight regain is common after weight loss, but in older women many of those regained pounds return as fat mass rather than muscle mass, according to a new study.

How this affects strength and health needs further study, but experts said the fi... » Read the full article

Early Food Choices Seem to Influence Taste for Salt Later

Infants fed starchy foods at 6 months of age tended to prefer salty flavor by preschool: study

TUESDAY, Dec. 20 The types of foods given to infants seems to affect their future taste for salt, a new study has found.

Researchers tested the salt preference of 61 infants when they were 2 months old and found they were either indifferent to or rejected salty fluid... » Read the full article

Fish May Cut Threat of Heart Disease in Young Women

Eating fish once a week may substantially reduce risk, compared to eating no fish, researchers say

MONDAY, Dec. 5 Eating fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as cod and salmon, may significantly lower a young woman's risk of developing heart disease, Danish researchers report.

The researchers found that women of childbearing age who never ate fish had 50 perce... » Read the full article

The Mainstreaming of Vegan Diets

Once the purview of a small group of devotees, more people -- including nutritionists -- are embracing plant-based eating plans

TUESDAY, Dec. 27 Vegan diets are considered by some to be extreme, a strict way of eating that exists on the radical fringes of vegetarianism.

But today, a growing number of people are giving vegan diets a second look, and nutritionists now believe that a well-though... » Read the full article

Dr Caren and Dr Urman among the best cardiologists in Los Angeles
  They both have been selected by their peers to the prestigious Super Doctors list
Poor Lifestyles Harming U.S. Heart Health: Report
  Comprehensive update shows Americans gaining weight, eating more junk food, exercising less
Think Fit, Not Fat
  Better fitness may protect your life, even if you don't lose weight.
Tips to Start Running and Stay Motivated in 2012
  Realistic goals, focus and reaching out to fellow runners all help
For Older Runners, the Message Is: Keep Those Legs Pumping
  After 60, you still use oxygen efficiently, study finds, but strength declines
Health Tip: Opt for a Healthy Weight-Loss Plan
  Avoid fad diets
FDA Targets Homeopathic Weight Loss Products
  Agency says there's no proof the HCG remedies work, and associated diet may cause harm
Health Tip: Manage Stress
  Too much can harm your heart
The Mainstreaming of Vegan Diets
  Once the purview of a small group of devotees, more people -- including nutritionists -- are embracing plant-based eating plans
Health Tip: Improving Your Cholesterol
  Here are some suggestions
Salt and Your Heart
  For most, moderation is the key in addition to generally healthy lifestyle.
Treating High Blood Pressure May Add Years to Life
  Study found those who took blood pressure meds lived a day longer for every month of treatment
Blood Pressure Control in Middle Age Can Lower Lifetime Heart Risk
  14-year study showed importance of achieving normal levels in midlife
Treating Prehypertension Lowers Stroke Risk: Study
  Antihypertensive drugs even help those with slightly elevated blood pressure
Blood Pressure Fix?
  This fruit may be more helpful for high blood pressure than apples.
What is Hypertension?
  Learn more about high blood pressure and how to best treat it
High Blood Pressure: Are you at risk?
  Hypertension is a major contributor to heart disease, and the number one preventable cause of heart failure. Watch this video to hear about things YOU can do to lower your blood pressure
Cindy’s Story: A Family History of Heart Disease
  Cindy Hauck had a family history of heart disease, but has partnered with her cardiologist to improve her heart health.
Family History of Heart Disease
  How to find out if you might be at risk.
Breast Cancer Radiation Linked to Raised Heart Risk
  Risk was higher for women with left-sided breast cancers, but overall risk still small, research shows
Heart Disease Still is the Number One Killer of Americans
  Find out about the latest technology in our office to assess your risk of heart attack or stroke
Heart Disease Risk Assessment
  Use this tool to help assess your risk of having a heart attack in the next decade. Carotid IMT testing might be particularly helpful to better assess your status if your risk score is between 6% - 20%.
Snow Shoveling Really Does Raise Heart Attack Risk: Study
  Seven percent of heart patients at Canadian hospital said symptoms started while clearing snow
Sleep Apnea Treatment Might Reduce Signs of Heart Disease Risk
  Wearing CPAP mask during sleep improved blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar in study patients
A healthy mouth helps keep your heart healthy
  Find out more about the connection between oral health and heart health
Doubt Cast on Use of Genetic Test Before Plavix
  Research review suggests test won't help docs determine who would benefit from heart drug
Jump in Resting Heart Rate Might Signal Higher Death Risk
  Mortality went up for people with increases in heart rate over 10 years, study finds
Obese Patients May Benefit the Most From Ablation Procedure for Irregular Heartbeat
  They reported the greatest gains in quality of life, study finds
Hormone Drugs Might Not Raise Heart-Related Deaths in Prostate Patients
  But those with a history of heart disease, stroke may be at higher risk, researchers caution
New Blood Test May Rule Out Heart Attacks More Quickly
  More sensitive troponin screen made the call in three hours, instead of 12-16 hours
Low-Dose Aspirin After Lung Clot Could Prevent Recurrence
  Study shows benefit for patients who've already finished with stronger blood thinners
How to Make Your Quit-Smoking Resolution Stick
  Tips from the American Lung Association may help
Health Tip: Choose Your Day to Quit Smoking
  Suggestions to help you stop
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