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January 07, 2011

In This Issue
Fish Oil May Help Some Heart Failure Patients
Smog Contributes to Dangerous Heart Rhythm Disorders
Many May Get Unneeded Implantable Defibrillators
More Evidence Links Avastin to Heart Failure in Breast Cancer Patients
Higher Education May Benefit Some Heart Attack Patients
Healthy Habits in Youth Tied to Better Adult Cholesterol Levels
In Women, Diabetes Plus Depression a Deadly Combo
Food Diary a Great Tool for Losing Weight, Expert Says
Today's Feature

Keep the New Year Happy and Healthy! 

Make sure 2011 starts off right.  Flu season traditionally lasts through March and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that flu cases are starting later than usual this flu season and are now picking up.  Call our office to make an appointment for an influenza vaccine if you haven't received one yet.

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Health News

Fish Oil May Help Some Heart Failure Patients

Omega-3 fatty acid supplements seem to boost heart function, study finds

WEDNESDAY, Jan. 5 For heart failure patients whose condition is controlled with standard care, omega-3 fatty acid supplements appear to improve their condition even more, a small study suggests.

"Adding n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, even in patients that had a maj... Read the full article

Smog Contributes to Dangerous Heart Rhythm Disorders

Study found detectable changes in heart's electrical system after exposure to polluted air

TUESDAY, Jan. 4 The role that air pollution plays in heart rhythm disorders (arrhythmias) that can cause sudden death may be underestimated, according to researchers.

A small study of 25 healthy people without heart disease found detectabl... Read the full article

Many May Get Unneeded Implantable Defibrillators

More attention to guidelines could reduce unnecessary procedures, experts say

TUESDAY, Jan. 4 About 20 percent of U.S. patients who receive an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD) may not need it, a new study finds.

Patients who receive out-of-guideline ICDs are put at higher risk of death and serious complications than patients who me... Read the full article

More Evidence Links Avastin to Heart Failure in Breast Cancer Patients

Small but significant risk found in review of studies, researchers say

TUESDAY, Jan. 4 Just weeks after U.S. health officials moved to rescind approval of the drug Avastin to treat breast cancer, a new study provides more evidence that the anti-cancer medication ups the odds of congestive heart failure in these patients.

The meta-analys... Read the full article

Higher Education May Benefit Some Heart Attack Patients

Among those who suffer a type of attack called STEMI, less schooling tied to worse outcomes

TUESDAY, Jan. 4 Levels of schooling may affect treatment and outcomes of patients who suffer a type of heart attack called acute ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI), a new study reveals.

Commonly considered the most dangerous type of heart attack, STEM... Read the full article

Healthy Habits in Youth Tied to Better Adult Cholesterol Levels

Poor lifestyle factors such as gaining body fat, smoking linked to high-risk levels, study finds

MONDAY, Jan. 3 A new study links cholesterol levels in young adults to changes in lifestyle between childhood and adulthood.

Previous research had looked at whether blood fat levels, such as cholesterol and triglyceride levels, remain steady from childhood to adulth... Read the full article

In Women, Diabetes Plus Depression a Deadly Combo

Depression may hinder disease management, researchers say

MONDAY, Jan. 3 Women suffering from both diabetes and depression have a greater risk of dying, especially from heart disease, a new study suggests.

In fact, women with both conditions have a twofold increased risk of death, researchers say.

"People with bot... Read the full article

Food Diary a Great Tool for Losing Weight, Expert Says

Keep it simple, write down everything you eat and share with a nutritionist, he advises

MONDAY, Jan. 3 The pen may be mightier than the scale when it comes to losing weight, experts have found.

Keeping a daily journal of snacks and meals is one of the best methods used by successful dieters, according to Dr. Christopher J. Mo... Read the full article

Dieting Resolution Works Best When Done in Stages
  Setting a goal, visualizing it, then taking small steps boost odds of success
Weight Gain Seems to Change the Brain's Response to Food
  Over time, overeating slows people's built-in reward systems
Health Tip: Make Small Changes to Cut Calories
  Minimal efforts add up
Regular Exercise While Young May Slow Middle-Age Spread
  150 minutes of exercise a week helps keep off pounds, maintain smaller waist over 20 years
Dr. Urman listed as one of Best Cardiologists in LA
  For the third straight time, he is included in Los Angeles Magazine's 'Super Doctors' list of the top doctors in Southern California
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Simple steps can cut deadly risk of heart disease, study finds
  Dr. Urman quoted by LA Times about a study comfirming that individuals can take control of their health and that incremental changes in lifestyle can make a huge difference.
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Meet Dr. Caren
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For Cholesterol Control, Experts Urge More Than Meds
  Without lifestyle changes too, people remain susceptible to chronic health problems
Health Tip: Choose Heart-Healthy Foods
  To protect against heart attack and stroke
Death Rate From Heart Disease, Stroke Drops Off Over Decade
  But success is costly and much too limited, experts say
Daily Aspirin Linked to Steep Drop in Cancer Risk
  Long-term, low-dose regimen study shows dramatic findings for many common cancers
Belly Fat May Make Some Breast Cancers More Likely
  Study finds greater risk for ER-negative cancer in premenopausal women
Obesity May Interfere With Vitamin D Absorption
  Finding may indicate need for supplements or more sunshine, study suggests
Vitamin D Tied to Cardiovascular Risk Factors, Disease
  Deficiencies linked with diabetes, coronary artery disease, hypertension, death
'Gut Instinct' May Stem From the Heart
  Study probes what prompts people to make the decisions they do
What's Good for Heart May Also Be Good for Brain
  High 'good' cholesterol seems to protect against Alzheimer's disease, study finds
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