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Hello, here is your October 2015 issue of Heart Health e-Newslettter.
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Dr. Caren and Dr. Urman's Heart Health

One of a doctor’s primary obligations is to educate patients.  In fact the origin of the word ‘doctor’ is (via Old French) from the Latin doctor which means ‘teacher’ (from docere ‘teach’).

This complimentary monthly educational service is for our patients and their families but please forward it to anyone who might find it of interest. Click here to enter our website and learn more about our practice. We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions or wish to make an appointment. 

Dr Caren and Dr Urman Named to Top Hollywood Doctors List...Again

Fight the Flu---It Starts with You!
Call our office to make an appointment for your flu shot. Flu vaccine appointments available in the early morning hours or on Fridays but it is highly recommended that you call first to make an appointment. EAMP members can schedule their vaccine appointment for general office hours as well.

Drs. Caren and Urman are proud to be Attending Cardiologists in the
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Top 10 Heart Program in the nation
for the 3rd year in a row, 2015 - 2016 by U.S. News & Word Report

A reflection of the leading edge cardiac services we offer and the results we obtain for our patients, their families and the community
# 1 Cardiology and Heart Surgery Program in Los Angeles
# 1 Heart Program in California
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Health News

Earlier Hormone Therapy May Pose Less Risk for Menopausal Women
Starting treatment around onset of menopause seems to lower threat to heart, study says

WEDNESDAY, Sept. 30, 2015 Women who start hormone therapy toward the beginning of menopause may have a lower risk of developing heart disease, new research suggests.

The study, of over 74,000 Swedish women, found that... » Read the full article

Dieters: Don't Replace Saturated Fats With Processed Carbs
Study found those who turned to whole grains and healthy fats saw a drop in heart risks

TUESDAY, Sept. 29, 2015 When trimming saturated fat from your diet, subbing in whole-grain foods helps your heart, but turning to white bread doesn't, a new study shows.

"This is very important stuff," said Dr. Robert... » Read the full article

More Evidence High-Fiber, Mediterranean Diet Is Good for You
Plant-based regimens can boost fatty acids that lower your risk for diabetes, heart disease, study says

TUESDAY, Sept. 29, 2015 Numerous studies have extolled the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet. Now, research suggests the regimen may also boost levels of beneficial fatty acids.

These so-called "short chain fa... » Read the full article

Sweetened Drinks May Damage Heart, Review Finds
Added sugars raise risk of heart troubles, stroke, experts say

MONDAY, Sept. 28, 2015 Soft drinks and other sugar-sweetened beverages can seriously damage heart health, a new review finds.

The added sugar in sodas, fruit drinks, sweet teas and energy drinks affects the body in w... » Read the full article

Coffee May Not Risk Irregular Heartbeat, Study Claims
Finds no link between beverage and increased odds of atrial fibrillation

WEDNESDAY, Sept. 23, 2015 New research suggests that drinking coffee doesn't seem to up the odds of a common type of irregular heartbeat called atrial fibrillation.

But these findings don't necessarily mean coffee dri... » Read the full article

Pregnancy Complications May Be Linked to Later Heart Disease
Risk was particularly high for women who had more than one health problem during pregnancy, study suggests

MONDAY, Sept. 21, 2015 A complicated pregnancy may increase a woman's risk of dying from heart disease later in life, new research suggests.

The risk is particularly high for women who've had more than one health prob... » Read the full article

Heart Attack Shouldn't End Your Sex Life
Research shows it equals same level of physical exertion as a brisk walk

MONDAY, Sept. 21, 2015 If you've had a heart attack, you don't have to avoid sex for fear of having another one, researchers report.

Many people who've had a heart attack worry that too much physical activity could tr... » Read the full article

Major Study Calls for Even Tighter Control of High Blood Pressure
Aggressive treatment cut rates of heart attack, heart failure and stroke by one-third, deaths by one-quarter

FRIDAY, Sept. 11, 2015 Doctors should control high blood pressure much more aggressively than current guidelines suggest, to best reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke in people 50 or older.

That's the message be... » Read the full article

The news stories provided in this e-newsletter are a service of the nationally syndicated HealthDay news and information company. Stories refer to national trends and breaking health news, and are not necessarily indicative of or always supported by our facility and providers. This information is provided for informational and educational purposes only, and is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please see our full Terms of Use for more information.
October 02, 2015

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Too Much, Too Little Sleep May Harm the Heart
Sound slumber 'recharges our batteries,' Dr. Urman explains
Diabetes Takes a Toll on Women's Hearts
Studies find up to a 40 percent greater risk of coronary problems in females
Short, Intense Workouts May Help Hearts of Type 2 Diabetics
This kind of exercise might also improve diabetes control
New Diabetes Drug Shows Sharply Reduced Risk of Heart-Related Death
Jardiance (empagliflozin) reduced risk of cardiovascular death by 38% marking the first time a diabetes medicine has shown such a benefit against cardiovascular disease (Wall Street Journal)
Taking Blood Pressure Drugs at Night May Help Prevent Type 2 Diabetes
Study finds taking medication at night cut risk of blood sugar disorder in half
Dizziness After Standing May Hint at Higher Risk of Early Death
But other conditions, such as dehydration and diabetes, can also make you woozy
This Year's Flu Vaccine Should Be Better Match: CDC
Americans 6 months of age and older encouraged to get vaccinated
It's What and How You Eat--Not What Supplements You Take
To maintain both brain power and heart health, once again a study indicates that the same diets that are good for our hearts can help slow memory loss. Supplements, however, have no benefit (USA Today)
Preschoolers Can Learn Heart-Healthy Lifestyles
Kids benefit from being taught good food and exercise habits
Trans Fat Bans Reduce Heart Disease Deaths: Study
Deaths from cardiovascular disease plummeted in Denmark (TIME)
The Price We Pay for Sitting Too Much
Even regular exercise won’t compensate for the negative effects from sitting too much during the day (Wall Street Journal)
Fidgeting Might Be Good for Your Health
Having the jitters may undercut some of the negative effects of prolonged sitting, British study contends
Surgeon General To Announce National Walking Campaign
Americans need to walk more as regular physical activity can markedly reduce the risk of chronic disease including heart ailments (Washington Post)
Less Invasive Heart Valve Surgery Safe for Very Old Patients
A modern technique for replacing heart valves without major surgery is safe even for very elderly patients, researchers say (Reuters)
Hi-Tech Scans Spot Brain Damage in High Blood Pressure Patients
Researchers suggest doctors could use technology to identify possible therapies to fight mental decline
Gut Bugs May Affect Body Fat, 'Good' Cholesterol Levels
But finding does not prove certain intestinal bacteria determine size of one's waistline
Fruits, Veggies May Be Key to Keeping Unwanted Weight Off
Only caveat: avoid starchy vegetables such as potatoes, corn, study finds
Diet Sodas May Not Help You Lose Weight, Study Contends
People who drank low-calorie soft drinks tended to eat more foods high in sugar, salt and fat
Health Tip: Eat Enough Nutrient-Rich Foods
Here's what should be included in your diet
Mediterranean Diet With Olive Oil Might Cut Breast Cancer Risk: Study
Odds were reduced 68 percent in large Spanish review, but longer-term follow-up studies are needed
Cancer May Be a Hidden Danger to the Heart: Report
Austrian researchers find telltale signs of heart disease in newly diagnosed cancer patients
More Evidence Daily Aspirin May Fight Colon Cancer, Other Gastro Tumors
4-year study found survival doubled for gastrointestinal cancer patients who took low-dose pill each day
People in Their 50s Benefit Most From Low-Dose Aspirin
Heart-disease preventive may simultaneously reduce colon cancer risk, task force suggests
Beet Juice Boosts Muscle Power in Heart Patients
Researchers say dietary nitrate could help these patients climb stairs and get out of a chair
Sleep Apnea Treatment May Reverse Unhealthy Brain Changes
In small study, continuous positive airway pressure reduced nerve activity that causes heart ills
Beware Unregulated Stem Cell Treatments, Experts Warn
Clinics selling treatments that are unproven
Learn More About High Blood Pressure
Dr Urman: The Value of Medical Second Opinions
He is quoted in the Wall Street Journal regarding the options for patients, especially when surgery or a procedure is recommended
How Old Are Your Arteries?
CardioHealth, a 5 minute non-invasive test can help us tell if you have or are at risk of developing plaque in your arteries. Are you at risk for a heart attack or stroke?
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