Heart Health e-News: October 2012

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October 05, 2012

In This Issue
New Anti-Clotting Drug Bests Warfarin, Study Says
Moderate Drinking May Increase Risk of Heart Rhythm Disorder: Study
Flu Season's Approaching So Roll Up Your Sleeve
Antioxidants May Lower Risk of Heart Attack in Women: Study
Poor Sleep May Make High Blood Pressure Worse
Early Menopause May Double Heart Disease Risk, Study Says
Stressful Job Might Be Tough on the Heart
Common Painkillers Might Boost Odds for 2nd Heart Attack
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Health News

New Anti-Clotting Drug Bests Warfarin, Study Says

Apixaban was better at preventing stroke in patients with heart rhythm disorder

MONDAY, Oct. 1 A new anti-clotting drug called apixaban was better than warfarin at preventing stroke in patients with the heart rhythm disorder atrial fibrillation, a new study found.

Data from more than 18,000 patients also found that apixaban w... » Read the full article

Moderate Drinking May Increase Risk of Heart Rhythm Disorder: Study

Older adults with heart disease, advanced diabetes were more apt to develop atrial fibrillation than peers who drank less

MONDAY, Oct. 1 For older people with heart disease or advanced diabetes, moderate drinking may increase their risk of a heart rhythm disorder called atrial fibrillation, according to a new study.

Atrial fibrillation is ... » Read the full article

Flu Season's Approaching So Roll Up Your Sleeve

U.S. health officials say this year's vaccine protects against two new strains

THURSDAY, Sept. 27 The only thing predictable about the flu is its unpredictability, U.S. health officials said Thursday, as they urged virtually all Americans to get vaccinated for the coming season.

Even though last year's flu season was one of ... » Read the full article

Antioxidants May Lower Risk of Heart Attack in Women: Study

Fruits and vegetables particularly good sources of the substances

THURSDAY, Sept. 27 A diet rich in antioxidants -- especially from fruits and vegetables -- can reduce the risk of heart attack in women, researchers report.

The new study included more than 32,500 Swedish women, aged 49... » Read the full article

Poor Sleep May Make High Blood Pressure Worse

Study found those who struggled with insomnia were twice as likely to have resistant hypertension

FRIDAY, Sept. 21 Insomnia is nobody's friend, but new research indicates that those with high blood pressure who struggle to get enough sound sleep are twice as likely to have a resistant case of hypertension as those who sleep well.

Studying more... » Read the full article

Early Menopause May Double Heart Disease Risk, Study Says

Quitting smoking might help prolong menstruation, researchers suggest

WEDNESDAY, Sept. 19 Women who experience early menopause may face double the risk of heart disease and stroke, according to a new study.

This increased risk is true across different ethnic backgrounds and is independent of traditional heart diseas... » Read the full article

Stressful Job Might Be Tough on the Heart

Demanding work, little control over decision-making boosts risk for heart attack, study suggests

FRIDAY, Sept. 14 Stressed out by a demanding job? It may be affecting your heart's health, research suggests.

People whose jobs are very taxing but who also have little power to make workplace decisions are at greater risk for heart disease, acco... » Read the full article

Common Painkillers Might Boost Odds for 2nd Heart Attack

NSAIDs include drugs such as ibuprofen, naproxen/Aleve, and Celebrex

MONDAY, Sept. 10 People who've already suffered a heart attack may face higher odds of death or subsequent heart attack if they regularly take a common form of painkiller, Danish researchers report.

The painkillers are known as nonsteroidal anti-... » Read the full article

Hormone Therapy in Early Menopause May Benefit Some Women: Study
  Small trial found no harm to heart, memory; some experts remain unconvinced
'Junk Food' May Significantly Hike Risk of Stroke
  Western diet tied to health problems in young rats after just 2 months, study finds
Could Hypertension in Pregnancy Harm Child's Thinking Skills for Decades?
  Study found those whose mothers experienced high blood pressure scored lower on tests in their 70s
Study: Blood Tests for Inflammation Could Help Prevent Heart Attack, Stroke
  But the tests would uncover risk in relatively few people, evidence review finds
Stem Cell Transplant May Spur Heart Disease Risk: Study
  Chemotherapy, radiation before transplant linked to elevated threat
Heart disease in men can be fought head-on
  Cardiologists Urge Men To Take Preventive Action Against Heart Disease (USA Today).
Working Out Cuts Women's Appetite, Study Finds
  Regardless of weight, participants didn't consume more to 'make up' for calories burned
Health Tip: Exercise to Combat Stress
  It will help you feel better
Health Tip: Eat More Fruits and Veggies
  Creative suggestions for healthier meals
Survival After General Anesthesia Vastly Improved
  However, the trend is seen mostly in developed countries, researcher says
Scientists Map Genetic 'Blueprint' of Heart
  Study using mouse stem cells provides clues to how some birth defects occur, researcher says
'Mini-Strokes' May Be More Damaging Than Thought
  15 percent of victims suffer serious disabilities but clot-busting drugs may help, research suggests
Mild Hyperthyroidism Won't Raise Heart Risk: Study
  People with only one hormone at abnormal levels were not at higher risk
Obesity Now Puts Kids' Hearts at Risk Later
  Large review found increased blood pressure, cholesterol levels and other forerunners of disease
Telling Patients When They're Unfit to Drive Cuts Crashes
  But people may resent the advice and limit visits with their physician
New Defibrillator Implanted Just Under the Skin
  But it's still designed to correct an irregular heartbeat
Are Drugs Better Than Stents to Prevent Strokes?
  Experts Debate Each Strategy (WSJ - Subscription required)
Health Tip: Make Your Recipes Healthier
  Cut down on fat, salt and sugar
Cooking-Oil Combo May Improve Blood Pressure
  Mixture of sesame and rice bran oils has heart-healthy effects, preliminary study suggests
Exercise May Prevent Stress and Anxiety, Study Suggests
  Moderate physical activity can help people manage daily stressors, researchers say
From the Doctors' Desk: New Alternatives to Coumadin (warfarin)
  New blood-thinning medications have recently been approved and one more is likely to be approved in the next year to reduce the risk of stroke in the treatment of atrial fibrillation.
Shoppers Who Read Food Labels Are Thinner: Study
  Urban white women are most likely to check for nutritional content
Health Tip: What's a Heart-Healthy Diet?
  Foods to include, and those to avoid
Docs' Sensitivity to Patients' Feelings Tied to Good Outcomes
  Doctors with high empathy scores have patients with lower rates of serious complications, study shows
Comparison of Obesity Surgeries Turns Up Surprising Results
  More popular method is less successful for maintaining weight loss, study says
Obesity Surgery Seems to Reduce Heart Risks: Study
  Diabetes remission, lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels noted after 6 years
Study Assesses Blood Thinner Use After Gastrointestinal Bleeding
  Resuming warfarin after a few days is best, researchers conclude
Heart Deaths Rise With Extreme Temperatures
  Heat waves deadlier than cold snaps, researchers find
Can't Stop Eating M&Ms?
  New study of rats' brains could hold a key to understanding overeating and obesity
Report: 39 States on Pace for Obesity Rates Above 50%
  Costs in diabetes, heart disease, health care dollars will skyrocket if current trends go unchecked
Positive Outlook Boosts Likelihood of Healthier Lifestyle
  Better diet, fitness reported among those who feel in control of their destiny
Water or Sports Drink?
  Plain old H2O is usually the better choice, expert says
Health Tip: Taming Your Sweet Tooth
  Sweets are OK, but only once-in-a-while
Heavy Drinking Linked to Earlier Stroke
  Brain bleeding occurred about 14 years sooner among big boozers, study finds
Omega-3s: Unclear if They Help Your Heart or Not
  Eating more fish is a safe bet but whether taking supplements helps is less clear.
Some Blood Pressure Drugs Might Help Slow Alzheimer's
  Fewer telltale brain plaques found in patients on angiotensin receptor blockers
More Pregnant Women on Blood Pressure Drugs: Study
  Experts consider some meds safer than others for developing fetus
Egg Yolks Almost as Bad for Arteries as Smoking: Study
  But industry and some health experts say the food may not be so dangerous
Minute by Minute, the Race to Open a Blocked Artery
  Efforts continue to reduce "door to balloon" time for patients having the most serious types of heart attack (WSJ - subscription required)
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