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October 07, 2011

In This Issue
Anemia Could Add to Surgical Risks
MRI Safe With More Recent Defibrillators, Pacemakers: Study
Smokers Have Heart Attacks Earlier Than Nonsmokers
3 Hours of Exercise Weekly Can Cut Men's Heart Risks
Overnight Stay May Not Be Necessary for Stenting: Study
'LeGoo' Vessel Plug Approved for Vascular Surgery
Alcohol, Obesity Major Causes of Sudden Heart Death
Overweight Kids at Greater Risk for High Blood Pressure
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The column on the right has heart-related stories from the last several weeks which we feel are most important and most likely to be of interest to our patients.  Additional general information and recent news about our office can also be found to the right. The latest news items from the last week about heart health are found below under "Health News."

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Even if your cholesterol & blood pressure are normal...
    your heart may still be at risk


Fact:  In a recent study, 77% of patients hospitalized with Coronary Artery Disease had normal LDL Cholesterol Levels!1

Measuring Carotid Artery Wall Thickness is a powerful predictor of heart attack & stroke in adults with no symptoms of cardiovascular disease

1. Sachdeva A, Cannon CP, Deedwania PC, et al. Lipid levels in patinets hospitalized with coronary artery disease: an analysis of 136,905 hospitalizations in Get With The Guidelines. Am Heart J. 2009; 157(1): 111-117.
2. Greenland P, Alpert JS, Beller GA, et al. ACCF/AHA Practice Guideline 2010 ACCF/AHA Guideline for Assessment of Cardiovascular Risk in Asymptomatic Adults. A Report of the American College of Cardiology Foundation/American Heart Association Task Force on Practice Guidelines J Am Coll Cardiol. 2010;56e50-103.

Health News

Anemia Could Add to Surgical Risks

Likelihood of complications, death higher for patients with this blood disorder, study says

THURSDAY, Oct. 6 Anemia increases the risk of death and complications in patients who have different types of surgery, not just heart operations, a new study says.

It was known that patients with anemia have worse outcomes after heart surgery, but anemia's impact o... » Read the full article

MRI Safe With More Recent Defibrillators, Pacemakers: Study

People with newer implanted heart devices can have scans for other medical problems, research finds

WEDNESDAY, Oct. 5 Many people with pacemakers and implanted defibrillators can safely undergo MRIs to screen for cancer and other diseases, as long as certain procedures are followed, a new study finds.

Those pr... » Read the full article

Smokers Have Heart Attacks Earlier Than Nonsmokers

And women are more likely than men to need emergency treatment 6 months later, study finds

WEDNESDAY, Oct. 5 Smokers have heart attacks earlier in life than nonsmokers, and women smokers are more likely than men to suffer complications after a heart attack, according to a new study.

Researchers examined data on 3,588 patients ad... » Read the full article

3 Hours of Exercise Weekly Can Cut Men's Heart Risks

Study found lowered risk related to higher levels of 'good' cholesterol

WEDNESDAY, Oct. 5 Three hours of vigorous exercise a week can reduce a man's heart attack risk by 22 percent, a new study suggests.

The Harvard School of Public Health researchers also found that about 38 percent of that decreased risk was... » Read the full article

Overnight Stay May Not Be Necessary for Stenting: Study

Researchers say doing artery-opening procedure on outpatient basis saves money, is just as safe

TUESDAY, Oct. 4 Heart patients who have stenting procedures to open up narrowed arteries fare just as well if they are released the same day as if they are sent home a day or two later, new research shows.

"[Discharging patients the same day] wasn't associated with ... » Read the full article

'LeGoo' Vessel Plug Approved for Vascular Surgery

Dissolvable gel stems blood flow while joining vessels

TUESDAY, Oct. 4 LeGoo, a gel to stem blood flow temporarily during surgery that requires joining blood vessels, has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The product allows surgeons to avoid use of clamps or elastic loops and clearly see where to st... » Read the full article

Alcohol, Obesity Major Causes of Sudden Heart Death

Still, most cases of sudden cardiac death are caused by coronary artery disease

TUESDAY, Oct. 4 Obesity and alcohol consumption are among the leading causes of sudden cardiac death not caused by coronary artery disease, a new study finds.

Researchers analyzed data from autopsies of almost 2,700 people in Finland who died of sudden cardiac deat... » Read the full article

Overweight Kids at Greater Risk for High Blood Pressure

Paves the way for hypertension in adulthood, researchers say

TUESDAY, Oct. 4 Overweight or obese children are nearly three times as likely to have high blood pressure as kids who are a normal weight, according to a new study from the American Heart Association.

The increased risk applies to children of all ages, researchers sa... » Read the full article

Low Vitamin D Levels Linked To Risk Factors For Cardiovascular Disease
  Low vitamin D levels are common and heart attacks and death also are connected with low levels, but it's still too early to know for sure whether popping a daily vitamin D supplement can cut your risk for heart problems.
Vigorous exercise boosts vitamin D while lowering heart risk
  Vigorous physical activity for 3 or more hours a week reduces the risk of a heart attack by 22% and is associated with higher levels of good cholesterol and vitamin D as well as better levels of other factors involved in heart disease.
Experts Point Out Signs of Dangerous Heart Rhythm
  'Fish flop' or 'drumming' feeling in chest can be atrial fibrillation
Many With Irregular Heartbeat Unaware of Raised Stroke Risk
  Knowledge gap affects more than 1 million Americans with atrial fibrillation, survey shows
Learn more about atrial fibrillation
  Read about the most common arrhythmia
"Alpha" males (Type-A personalities) Linked to Increased Heart Risks
  Aggressiveness Aids Rise to Top, But the Stress Can Harm a Body
Erectile Dysfunction May Be Linked With Cardiovascular Trouble
  Independent risk factor for heart disease, stroke and death, researchers say
Protecting Heart May Improve Erectile Dysfunction
  Cardiac drugs, lifestyle changes improve sexual function in men with ED, study shows
Cholesterol Deposits Around Eyes Linked to Heart Risk
  Researchers find an association, but don't prove 'cause and effect,' study says
New Drug Boosts 'Good' Cholesterol in Study Patients
  Imaging technology suggests novel treatment may help prevent some heart disease, researchers say
MRI May Be Safe For Majority Of Patients With Implanted Heart Devices
  A new protocol may allow patients who have implantable defibrillators or pacemakers to safely have an MRI scan
Even Slightly Higher Blood Pressure May Boost Stroke Risk
  Adults with prehypertension should start with lifestyle changes, researchers say
Learn more about Hypertension
  The higher your blood pressure is, the higher the risk of heart disease. How to treat hypertension with medications and lifestyle changes.
Certain Risk Factors Could Spur Heart Failure in Normal-Weight People
  High blood pressure, cholesterol, insulin levels worse than obesity for some, study finds
Lifestyle Changes May Prevent Heart Failure
  Watching your weight, not smoking, exercising and eating your veggies top the list
Learn more about Heart Failure
  Recognizing and treating congestive heart failure (CHF) can lead to therapeutic success
Antioxidants Not Behind Red Wine's Healthy Effect on Heart: Study
  No effect seen when people drank polyphenols in dairy-based drinks, researchers say
Scientists ID More Genes Linked to Heart Disease
  Five genes added to the list of many already known to affect risk of coronary artery disease, study says
Cardiac Rehab May Help Heart Patients Live Longer
  Program that trains heart to return to normal beat rate after exercise is underutilized, experts say
Health Tip: Undergoing Cardiac Rehab
  What you may achieve
Heart Defect Seems to Pose Low Risk of Aorta Tear
  People with bicuspid aortic valve at low risk of aortic dissection, but high risk of aneurysm, researchers say
An Apple a Day Really May Keep the Doctor Away
  Fruits and vegetables with white flesh associated with drop in stroke risk, but probably still a good idea to eat the "rainbow" of fruits and vegetables
Can't Find Time to Exercise? Schedule It, Experts Say
  Fitness goals, and health benefits they bring, seem to remain elusive for many Americans
Aging, Not Menopause, Raises Women's Heart Risks, Study Finds
  Hormonal changes not linked to fatal heart attacks in older women, researchers say
Smoking May Double Risk for Stroke
  Those attacks occur about a decade sooner than for non-smokers, study finds
Weight Watchers Produces Bigger 'Losers' Than Standard Weight-Loss Care
  Group members shed 15 pounds on average versus 7 pounds with standard diet, study finds
Experts Assess What Works for Weight Loss
  Popular behavior-based programs can help trim waistlines, medications may also help, study finds
How Old Are Your Arteries?
  Find out about the latest technology available at our office to look for hidden plaque which helps assess your risk of heart attack or stroke
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