Heart Health e-News: November 2012

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November 02, 2012

In This Issue
Fish, But Not Fish Oil Supplements, May Shield Against Stroke
Flu Vaccine May Protect Your Heart
Study IDs 4 Key Habits of Successful Aging
Approval Expanded for Sapien Artificial Heart Valve
Heart Disease Risk Factors Also Tied to Death From Prostate Cancer
Health Tip: Signs of Heart Attack in Women
Diet/Exercise Combo Best, 'Biggest Loser' Study Says
Menopause Won't Spur Weight Gain, But May Boost Belly Fat: Review
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Health News

Fish, But Not Fish Oil Supplements, May Shield Against Stroke

Two servings per week of an oily fish such as mackerel or sardines seemed beneficial, study found

TUESDAY, Oct. 30 Eating fish, particularly oily fish, a couple of times a week may help protect you against stroke, but fish oil supplements don't have the same effect, a new study finds.

Researchers analyzed the result... » Read the full article

Flu Vaccine May Protect Your Heart

Researchers found that those who were vaccinated had fewer heart attacks, strokes

SUNDAY, Oct. 28 Getting a flu shot may help people stay healthy in more than the obvious way, new research suggests.

"The shot doesn't just protect you against flu, it protects you from heart attacks," said Dr. Jacob Ud... » Read the full article

Study IDs 4 Key Habits of Successful Aging

Exercising, not smoking, moderate drinking, eating fruits and vegetables may help thwart chronic disease

THURSDAY, Oct. 25 Healthy lifestyle habits in midlife improve the chances that you'll remain healthy as you get older, according to a new study.

Researchers followed 5,100 healthy British men and women, aged 42 to 63, for 16 years. During that tim... » Read the full article

Approval Expanded for Sapien Artificial Heart Valve

More people with narrowed aortic valve are now eligible

MONDAY, Oct. 22 U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval for the Sapien Transcatheter Heart Valve has been expanded to include additional people with aortic valve stenosis, the medical term for a narrowing of the aortic valve that prevents the valve from ... » Read the full article

Heart Disease Risk Factors Also Tied to Death From Prostate Cancer

Following prevention guidelines might have added benefit for men, study suggests

MONDAY, Oct. 22 Men with metabolic syndrome -- a group of symptoms linked to heart disease and diabetes risk -- may also face a higher risk of dying from prostate cancer if diagnosed with the disease, according to a large new st... » Read the full article

Health Tip: Signs of Heart Attack in Women

They can be different than in men

Every 90 seconds, a woman in the United States has a heart attack, according to the womenshealth.gov website. Sadly, many women don't recognize these typical symptoms:

Having chest pain or discomfort. Feeling a strange sense of up... » Read the full article

Diet/Exercise Combo Best, 'Biggest Loser' Study Says

20 minutes of exercise, 20 percent calorie cut would maintain weight loss, computer model predicts

FRIDAY, Oct. 19 A combination of exercise and healthy eating is better than dieting alone in reducing body fat and preserving muscle in adults, according to researchers who analyzed data from 11 participants on the reality TV show "The Biggest Loser."

... » Read the full article

Menopause Won't Spur Weight Gain, But May Boost Belly Fat: Review

Experts suggest women use menopause as motivation to take charge of their health

THURSDAY, Oct. 18 Menopause does not cause weight gain, but it does increase belly fat, according to a new study.

"It is a myth that the menopause causes a woman to gain weight. It's really just a consequence of environmental factors and aging tha... » Read the full article

Junk Food Hurts Your Arteries, But Healthy Meal Might Help
  Veggie and salmon fare encourages blood flow, but sausage, egg and cheese meal restricts it, study finds
7 Daily Servings of Fruits, Veggies Best for Happiness, Study Finds
  'Strive for 5' might need an update
Health Tip: All Fats Aren't Bad
  Some are beneficial in limited amounts
New MRI Might Help Spot Heart Disease Early: Study
  Technique uses multiple images to improve chances of diagnosing coronary artery disease
Blood Test May Spot Serious Health Risks in Women
  New biomarker reveals odds of heart disease, diabetes and breast cancer, study says
New Research Suggests HRT May Lower Heart Risks
  Timing of hormone therapy seems to be key, with younger women seeing benefit
Short-Term, Early HRT May Cut Women's Alzheimer's Risk
  But U.S. experts do not recommend the therapy for disease prevention
Panel Rules Against HRT for Preventing Chronic Disease
  Updated recommendations don't address relief of menopausal symptoms
Hormone Replacement Therapy: Safe or Not?
  Most recent research suggests short-term use OK for younger menopausal women, but not for older women
'Mouth Feel' Makes Wine Go Well With Meat, Study Finds
  Research suggests that 'balancing' opposite tastes makes food more palatable
Weight-Loss Surgery Tied to Drop in Heart Risk Factors
  Procedure cut blood pressure, other causes of stroke, heart attack, study says
Surgery May Spur Rise in Heart Deaths After Cancer Diagnosis: Study
  Suggests that stress may not be the culprit behind the phenomenon
More Americans Have High Blood Pressure Under Control: Survey
  Improvement in past decade attributed to more treatment with drug combinations
Post-Flight Fainting May Signal Dangerous Blood Clot
  Long-distance flights can increase people's risk for pulmonary embolism, researchers say
Study: No Long-Term Heart Risks From Breast Radiation
  Findings based on 50 cancer survivors who were followed for 25 years
Smoking Bans Reduce Hospitalizations
  Significant cuts seen in heart attacks, strokes, asthma
Fast-Food Breakfast Sandwiches May Slow Down Blood Flow
  Blood vessels acted differently after downing of two high-fat servings
Beans a Boon for People With Diabetes
  Eating more legumes, such as beans, lentils and chickpeas, can lower blood sugar, blood pressure
10-Minute 'Tension Tamer' at Bedtime May Help You Sleep
  Nightly routine uses positive mental imagery, slow deep breathing
Smoking, Diabetes: Risk Factors for Poor Circulation
  High blood pressure, high cholesterol are other danger signs for peripheral artery disease in men
Doctors Warn About High Levels of Caffeine in Some Energy Drinks
  Concerns follow reports that Monster beverages may have been linked to five deaths in recent years
Supplement of Red Wine Ingredient Won't Help Healthy Women
  Resveratrol taken as a pill offered no benefits for those without health issues
Short Bursts of Intense Exercise Can Fight Weight Gain
  Sprint-interval training burns up to 200 extra calories daily, researchers say
Daily Aspirin May Bolster Aging Brain
  Women with heart disease who took low-dose aspirin scored better on mental tests than non-users
Walking for Heart Health? Speed It Up, Study Suggests
  Fast walking, jogging reduced disease warning signs, but daily stroll did not
Can Tomatoes Lower Stroke Risk?
  Study found lycopene, the antioxidant found in tomatoes, seemed to guard against brain attack
U.S. Stroke Patients Are Getting Younger
  Study found rise in rates among adults aged 20 to 54
As Armstrong Case Unfolds, Experts Describe Doping's Harms
  Heart disease is among possible health consequences of substances including anabolic steroids and human growth hormone.
Group Programs for Weight Loss May Work Best
  Study found those who go to meetings shed more pounds, whether health pro or peer in charge
State Regulations Tied to Drop in Common Heart Procedure
  Critics worry that the push for good outcomes may reduce access to care for sickest patients
Health Tip: At Risk for High Cholesterol?
  Risk factors include obesity
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