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November 05, 2010

In This Issue
Older Americans Sicker Than British Peers...
Hemophilia Drug Used Off-Label Raises Clot Risk
MRI Images May Pinpoint Time of Stroke
Weekend Admissions Worse for Stroke Victims: Study
Adding Monounsaturated Fats to Diet May Boost Heart Health
Eating Whole Grains, Fewer Refined Grains, May Help Heart
Parent-Only Programs Can Help Obese Kids Lose Weight: Study
Percentage of U.S. Adults With Hypertension Holds Steady at 30%
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Special Feature:  From the Doctors' Desk (In Focus)      

Look at the bottom of the right column to see Drs. Caren and Urman's thoughts on Red Yeast Rice for high cholesterol. (see article to the right as well)   ===>    ===>    ===>

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Health News

Older Americans Sicker Than British Peers...

... But they live just as long, study suggests

THURSDAY, Nov. 4 New research suggests that middle-aged and older white Americans are sicker than their counterparts in the United Kingdom but they still manage to live as long as the Brits, thanks to doctors and drugs.

"Americans are taking worse care of themselves ... Read the full article

Hemophilia Drug Used Off-Label Raises Clot Risk

Those without blood disorder who were given it were twice as likely to have trouble, review found

WEDNESDAY, Nov. 3 A drug approved to help staunch bleeding in people with hemophilia raises the risk of heart attacks and stroke when it's used to stop life-threatening bleeding due to other conditions, such as trauma or surgery, a new study finds.

Despite the nearly... Read the full article

MRI Images May Pinpoint Time of Stroke

'Surrogate clock' could increase the number of patients eligible for clot-busting therapy: researchers

TUESDAY, Nov. 2 MRI images can serve as a "surrogate clock" to pinpoint stroke onset in patients whose symptoms began during sleep, increasing the number of patients eligible for highly effective clot-busting therapy, according to a new study.

Researchers found that ... Read the full article

Weekend Admissions Worse for Stroke Victims: Study

Survival more likely for weekday hospital arrivals, but reasons unknown

MONDAY, Nov. 1 Stroke patients are more likely to die if they're admitted to the hospital on the weekend instead of a weekday, regardless of the severity of the stroke, a new study finds.

Canadian researchers analyzed data from almost 21,000 stroke patients admitted ... Read the full article

Adding Monounsaturated Fats to Diet May Boost Heart Health

Study found evidence of higher 'good' cholesterol levels and decreased 'bad' levels

MONDAY, Nov. 1 The success of a low-cholesterol diet can be improved by adding monounsaturated fat (MUFA), which are commonly found in nuts, seeds, avocados, and oils such as olive oil, canola oil and sunflower oil, new research suggests.

... Read the full article

Eating Whole Grains, Fewer Refined Grains, May Help Heart

Substituting brown rice for white is one way to reduce harmful type of body fat, study finds

WEDNESDAY, Oct. 27 People who regularly eat whole grains rather than refined grains pack on less of the type of fat linked to a higher risk for heart disease and type 2 diabetes, new research suggests.

In high amounts, visceral adipose tis... Read the full article

Parent-Only Programs Can Help Obese Kids Lose Weight: Study

Compared with groups including children, adult-only sessions had equal success, researchers found

WEDNESDAY, Oct. 27 Treatments designed to tackle childhood obesity by enrolling just the parents in nutrition and exercise education programs are as effective as those that enlist both parents and children, new research suggests.

Such pare... Read the full article

Percentage of U.S. Adults With Hypertension Holds Steady at 30%

But CDC report shows more people have their high blood pressure under control

WEDNESDAY, Oct. 27 Although many Americans are aware of the dangers associated with high blood pressure and many are controlling the condition, the prevalence of high blood pressure, also known as hypertension, hasn't changed in a decade, health officials report.

A... Read the full article

Pradaxa Approved for Atrial Fibrillation
  Blood thinner alternative to Coumadin (warfarin) to prevent stroke in people with abnormal heart rhythm
Moderate Alcohol Use Helps Prevent Sudden Cardiac Death: Study
  Up to one drink daily lowers women's risk by a third, researchers say
Ingredients in Red Yeast Rice Supplements Vary Widely (See 'In Focus' Below)
  These products claim to lower cholesterol, but levels of active agent run the gamut
Dr. Urman Walks to Help His Patients!
  Dr. Urman walked in the American Heart Association 2010 Los Angeles Heart Walk to raise money for cardiac research
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U.S. Kids Filling Up on 'Empty Calories,' Study Finds
  Excess fats and added sugars will lead to health woes later on, experts say
Arteries of Obese Kids Aging Prematurely: Study
  Aortic stiffness may signal the development of cardiovascular disease
Taking Blood Pressure Drugs at Bedtime May Boost Effectiveness
  Night-time dosing causes normal dip, reducing risk of heart attack, stroke, study finds
Health Tip: Cut Down on Sodium
  Suggestions for eating less salt
Health Tip: Reduce Your Chances of Aneurysm
  Avoid certain risk factors
Big Waist Raises Risk of Diabetes, Analysis Suggests
  Higher type 2 disease rates in U.S. versus U.K. may be due to greater levels of mid-section fat
Structured Diet, Exercise Plans Seem to Shed Pounds
  Two studies found those on regimens lost more weight than those who were not, but critics call results 'best-case scenario'
Marathons Affect Heart, but Runners Bounce Back
  Those less fit at higher risk, researcher says
Dental Care Linked to Heart Health in Older Women
  Study adds to evidence suggesting that regular oral care may help protect heart, at least in women
Low Testosterone May Raise Risk of Early Death: Study
  Whether testosterone replacement therapy for men will reduce their risk is unknown.
Testosterone Could Boost Health of Heart Failure Patients
  Hormone seemed to help women but more study is needed, researchers say
Aspirin, Statins May Reduce Problems After Heart Surgery
  Aspirin may prevent heart attacks, stroke, kidney failure while statins cut risk of death, studies found
'Hands-Only' CPR May Work Best for Cardiac Arrest
  Mouth-to-mouth unnecessary and may discourage bystanders from trying to help, study finds
New CPR Guidelines Emphasize Chest Compressions First
  American Heart Association says press hard and fast, whether an expert or untrained according to Dr. Urman who was interviewed on CBS 2 News.
The ABC's of CPR have changed!
  The change in the CPR sequence applies to adults, children and infants, but excludes newborns.
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In Focus:
From the Doctors' Desk: Red Yeast Rice
  Is it a reasonable alternative to statins to lower cholesterol or a risky unregulated natural substance?
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