Heart Health e-News: February 2013 - Celebrate NATIONAL WEAR RED DAY!

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February 01, 2013

In This Issue
Yoga May Help With Common Heart Rhythm Disorder
Vegetarianism May Cut Heart Disease Risk By Third: Study
Erectile Dysfunction May Signal Hidden Heart Disease
More Evidence Ties Heart Disease to Mental Decline
Longtime Smokers Lose a Decade of Life
Not All Whole Grain Products Are Created Equal, Study Claims
Migraine With Aura May Raise Risk of Heart Trouble
Berries May Cut Heart Attack Risk in Women, Study Says
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Today is National WEAR RED DAY - FEB.01.2013

  February is National Heart Month and today is the 10th Annual National Wear Red Day.

Too few people realize that heart disease is the number 1 killer of women (and men). But the good news is that heart disase can largely be prevented.

Celebrate 10 years of Going Red and learn how to raise awareness of heart disease to empower women to reduce their risk.  Learn more at GoRedForWomen/WearRedDay


From the Gaples Institute for Integrative Cardiology==>Tips for Heart Healthy Meals ==>

Drs Jeffrey Caren and Mark Urman Named
Super Doctors for 2013

5th consecutive time that Dr. Mark Urman
has been named by his peers to the Super Doctors list and 2nd consecutive year for Dr. Jeff Caren.

Health News

Yoga May Help With Common Heart Rhythm Disorder

Small study found it reduced episodes of dizziness, shortness of breath for patients with atrial fibrillation

WEDNESDAY, Jan. 30 People with a common heart rhythm problem may be able to decrease their symptoms by adding gentle yoga to their treatment regimen, a small study suggests.

The research, reported online Jan. 30 in the Journal of the American ... » Read the full article

Vegetarianism May Cut Heart Disease Risk By Third: Study

Lowered blood pressure, cholesterol levels may be the key, researchers say

WEDNESDAY, Jan. 30 Vegetarians, take heart: A new British study finds you may have about a third less risk of hospitalization or death from cardiovascular disease than meat-eaters do.

"Most of the difference in risk is probably caused by effects o... » Read the full article

Erectile Dysfunction May Signal Hidden Heart Disease

Large study found even mild impotence was tied to greater odds of future hospitalization, death

TUESDAY, Jan. 29 Doctors should look more closely at the overall health of impotent men, a large new study suggests.

Men with even mild erectile dysfunction -- but no known heart problems -- face a major extra risk of developing cardiovascular con... » Read the full article

More Evidence Ties Heart Disease to Mental Decline

Link between cardiovascular trouble and impaired thinking was especially strong in women

MONDAY, Jan. 28 Researchers have yet again tied heart disease and poor circulation to mental declines in older people, especially women.

The new study, published online Jan. 28 in the journal JAMA Neurology, looked at early signs of mental ... » Read the full article

Longtime Smokers Lose a Decade of Life

Large study of U.S. smokers found quitting by age 35 reduces effect most, but it's never too late

WEDNESDAY, Jan. 23 Adding to the arsenal of evidence that smoking is bad for you, a large new study indicates that lifetime smokers cut 10 years off their life expectancy -- a decade they can gain back if they quit before age 35.

Using data from m... » Read the full article

Not All Whole Grain Products Are Created Equal, Study Claims

Harvard researchers report that some are healthier than others

THURSDAY, Jan. 17 Many whole grain products aren't quite as healthy as consumers might think, new research contends, but some are healthier than others.

"There is lots of confusion" about how to find the healthiest whole grain foods, said study a... » Read the full article

Migraine With Aura May Raise Risk of Heart Trouble

Study found only high blood pressure was a greater predictor of heart attacks, strokes and blood clots

TUESDAY, Jan. 15 Women who suffer from migraines with visual effects called aura may face an increased risk for heart attacks, strokes and blood clots, new studies find.

Only high blood pressure was a more powerful predictor of cardiovascular trou... » Read the full article

Berries May Cut Heart Attack Risk in Women, Study Says

18-year study found health benefits beyond those of other fruits, veggies

MONDAY, Jan. 14 Eating three or more servings of blueberries and strawberries each week may help reduce a woman's risk of heart attack, a large new study suggests.

The study included nearly 94,000 young and middle-aged women who took part in the N... » Read the full article

Belly Fat May Raise Odds of Early Death for Thin Heart Patients
  Larger waist size dangerous even when weight is normal
Eliquis Approved for People With Atrial Fibrillation
  New Anti Clotting Drug Approved to Reduce Risk of Stroke
From the Doctors' Desk: New Alternatives to Coumadin (warfarin)
  In the last 2 years, new alternative blood thinners to reduce the risk of stroke in the treatment of atrial fibrillation provide doctors and their patients more options
What is Atrial Fibrillation?
  Read more about the most common arrhythmia and how it increases the risk of stroke.
Friday, Feb 1, Is 'National Wear Red Day' for Women's Heart Health
  Annual event urges Americans to don red to spread awareness of the No. 1 killer
Study Shows Weight-Loss Myths Abound
  Researchers find slim evidence to support many commonly held beliefs
Study: Red Wine May Prevent Meat-Related Cholesterol Build Up.
  Drinking a glass of red wine while eating red meat can counteract the build up of cholesterol following a meal ....................................... .......................................
Click here for: Tips for Heart Healthy Meals
  We recommend that you go here for very useful Tips for Heart Healthy Meals and Eating (from the Gaples Institute for Integrative Cardiology). We encourage you to browse their entire website. ....................................... .......................................
Smaller Snack Portions Just as Satisfying
  Study compared cravings 15 minutes after people nibbled or gorged
Health Tip: Keep Your Salad Healthy
  Avoid calorie-laden ingredients
Cut Back on Sugar to Lose Some Weight: Study
  Limiting intake seems to have small but significant effect on body weight
Late Lunch May Mean Less Weight Loss
  Spanish study suggests that having midday meal before 3 p.m. might help dieters
Health Tip: Avoid the Same Old Grain
  Creative choices for your grocery list
Health Tip: Curb Late-Night Snacking
  Be honest about why you have the urge
People May Eat More When Headlines Bear Bad News
  Study suggests stressing about tough times unleashes craving for calories
Drug OK'd for Deadly Genetic Condition Tied to Cholesterol
  Kynamro can be used when the body can't eliminate 'bad' cholesterol, FDA says
Health Tip: Get Fit During Your Commute
  Use the time to exercise
Women Who Became Pregnant Through IVF May Have Higher Risk Of Blood Clots
  But the overall risk is still slight
Antidepressants Celexa, Lexapro Tied to Irregular Heartbeat: Study
  But the occurrence is rare, and alternatives exist
Health Tip: Should You Take NSAIDs?
  If you meet any of these criteria, speak to your doctor first
Common Heart Drug Might Improve Lung Cancer Survival
  Beta blockers may slow the spread of the disease, researchers report
Common Blood Pressure Drugs Might Lower Dementia Risk: Study
  Older men on beta blockers were less likely to have brain abnormalities
Study Links Long-Term Aspirin Use With Vision Loss
  But risk of macular degeneration doesn't outweigh drug's heart benefits, experts say
Health Tip: When Varicose Veins Are a Problem
  Signs you should see your doctor
Study: Human Hearts Continue To Generate New Cells After Birth.
  Finding may one day lead to new therapies to repair damaged hearts
Implanted Heart Devices Have Real-World Benefits
  These defibrillators perform well outside of the research environment, investigators say
Oxygen Therapy Spurs Recovery in Some Stroke Patients
  Study found certain survivors gained lost skills months, years after their attack
Depressed Stroke Survivors May Face Higher Early Death Risk
  Researchers recommend assessing stroke patients for mood problems
Uncontrolled Risk Factors Put Stroke Survivors in Danger
  Smoking, high blood pressure especially dangerous for those with subarachnoid hemorrhage
Americans Suffer Worse Health Than Peers in Other Countries: Report
  Even younger adults don't fare as well as counterparts elsewhere
Health Tip: Is Organic Better?
  No pesticides or chemicals are used.
Extreme Cold Snap Brings Unexpected Health Risks
  Heart attacks, strokes and asthma flare-ups increase
How Much Caffeine in That Supplement? Hard to Tell
  Study found that even when brands listed amounts, they often were inaccurate
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