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February 03, 2012

In This Issue
Worrying Too Much Might Raise Your Risk for Stroke
Statins Equally Effective in Women and Men
Blood Pressure Differences Between Arms Could Signal Heart Risk
Optimal Heart Health Starts Early: Study
Frying With Olive, Sunflower Oil OK for Heart, Study Finds
Lack of ZZZs May Fuel Appetite
Narcissism Especially Bad for Men's Health, Study Says
Sex OK for Many Heart Patients, Docs Say
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COR Medical Group goes electronic.
CSLink version of Epic electronic medical record (EMR) software now up and running at 890W.
Click here to read about Epic in a recent New York Times article

Beginning January 30th, we began the process of converting all of our patient records into a new electronic medical record system.  There will be many advantages for our patients.  Research has shown this record can improve care of patients by checking for drug interactions, allergies, and important test result trends.
It is linked to Cedars-Sinai Hospital and to other physicians using the system so patients won’t have to repeat giving the same information to multiple physicians.  Important labs and X-Ray results will be available wherever the patient goes.
In the not-too-distant future, our patients will be able to view much of their medical record from home, request appointments online and view many of their lab results.
At the start, this will increase the time patients will be spending in our office while we enter important information about their medications and medical issues into this new system.  In the future, patients will find their visits will be more productive.
Please join us in this exciting journey!  Thank you for your patience.

Are you at increased risk for heart attack or stroke?


Carotid IMT provides early detection of risk for heart attack and stroke.  It's quick, non-invasive, painless and could save your life!

Enhanced Access Membership Program
  • Personalized concierge services not covered by Medicare or Private Insurance
  • Increasing levels of priority and enhanced access for routine appointments and testing
  • Increased phone and email access to our staff and doctors on routine matters
  • Priority completion of administrative paper-work with fees waived
  • Validated parking and convenient VIP parking for office visits

Three Plans to choose from.  Please contact our office for more information.

Health News

Worrying Too Much Might Raise Your Risk for Stroke

Study found a personality trait called 'harm avoidance' also marked by self-doubt, fatigue

WEDNESDAY, Feb. 1 High levels of a personality trait called harm avoidance -- which includes excessive worrying, pessimism, fear and fatigue -- is associated with a higher stroke risk, a new study indicates.

It included 1,082 older adults without dementia who were ra... » Read the full article

Statins Equally Effective in Women and Men

Cholesterol-lowering drugs reduce cardiovascular events, death for both sexes, researchers say

MONDAY, Jan. 30 Cholesterol-lowering drugs known as statins are equally effective in men and women, a new study finds.

For both males and females, these drugs lowered the risk of a heart attack by about 20 percent, the researchers say. Previously, some thought that s... » Read the full article

Blood Pressure Differences Between Arms Could Signal Heart Risk

Peripheral vascular disease may lead to stroke or early death, researchers say

SUNDAY, Jan. 29 People whose systolic blood pressure -- the upper number in their reading -- is different in their left and right arms may be suffering from a vascular disease that could increase their risk of death, British researchers report.

... » Read the full article

Optimal Heart Health Starts Early: Study

No risk factors by middle age is 'the fountain of youth for your heart'

WEDNESDAY, Jan. 25 People who reach midlife without developing high blood pressure, diabetes or other risk factors for cardiovascular disease are much less likely to have a heart attack or stroke by age 80 than their less healthy peers, a new study suggests.

"If you ... » Read the full article

Frying With Olive, Sunflower Oil OK for Heart, Study Finds

Type of cooking oil determines fried foods' link to heart disease, death risk

TUESDAY, Jan. 24 Researchers in Spain have some good news for people who enjoy eating fried food: Cooking in olive or sunflower oil is not linked to heart disease or premature death.

Because heart disease risk factors -- such as high blood... » Read the full article

Lack of ZZZs May Fuel Appetite

Not getting enough sleep may lead to weight gain over time, researchers say

TUESDAY, Jan. 24 Getting too little sleep can make you hungrier than normal and may lead to weight gain, a small study suggests.

The team at Uppsala University in Sweden used functional MRI to observe the brains of 12 normal weight males while they looked at images o... » Read the full article

Narcissism Especially Bad for Men's Health, Study Says

Traits such as entitlement, exploitativeness may raise levels of stress hormone

MONDAY, Jan. 23 The inflated sense of self-importance common to narcissism can be toxic to relationships, but a new study suggests the personality trait may also harm men's health.

Researchers from the Universities of Michigan and Virginia determined that men who sco... » Read the full article

Sex OK for Many Heart Patients, Docs Say

New American Heart Association guidelines detail who -- and who isn't -- at risk

THURSDAY, Jan. 19 Sexual activity generally isn't hazardous for people with cardiovascular disease, the American Heart Association says in a new statement.

But patients should get checked by a doctor beforehand and be aware that heart problems could spell trouble in ... » Read the full article

Study Shows How Stress Triggers Immune System
  Conflict fires up molecules related to inflammation which contributes to cardiovascular disease risk
Grief Is a Real Heartbreaker, Study Finds
  Stress, anxiety may increase heart attack risk in the weeks after a loved one's death
Health Tip: Better Manage Stress
  Suggestions to help keep it under control
Health Tip: When Stress Becomes Dangerous
  Signs you should call your doctor
Too Much Vitamin D Could Be Harmful to Heart
  Higher-than-normal levels can increase cardiac inflammation, study found
Health Tip: Stick With Your Healthy New Year's Resolutions
  Don't let them slide
Need to Exercise More? Think How It Will Help You Now
  Shifting from long-term to short-term gains will resonate better, experts say
Health Tip: Set an Exercise Schedule
  To help adhere to your fitness routine
Marathoners at Slim Risk of Cardiac Arrest
  10-year study found distance running safe for most participants
Heart Experts Make Boosting Bystander CPR a Priority
  911 dispatchers asked to talk callers through life-saving procedure after witnessing cardiac arrest
Dr. Mark Urman on KCBS about new CPR Guidelines
Health Tip: Get More Veggies Into Your Diet
  Here are some ways to add them to snacks and meals
How to Keep From Overeating When Eating Out
  Try ordering a la carte and skipping foods that aren't your favorites, study says
Health Tip: Make Low-Cholesterol Salad Choices
  Watch those toppings
Car, TV Ownership Tied to Higher Risk for Heart Attack
  But getting active during work and leisure hours can lower the odds, study finds
Health Tip: Spot the Symptoms of Heart Attack
  Here's what to watch for
What is a Myocardial Infarction?
  Learn more about what a heart attack is
Heart Disease Still is the Number One Killer of Americans
  Find out about the latest technology in our office to assess your risk of heart attack or stroke
Heart Disease Risk Assessment
  Use this tool to help assess your risk of having a heart attack in the next decade. Carotid IMT testing might be particularly helpful to better assess your status if your risk score is between 6% - 20%.
Low-Dose Aspirin to Prevent First Heart Attack or Stroke? Not So Fast in Those at Low-Risk
  Modest benefits might not outweigh bleeding risk in those who are not at increased risk of heart attack or stroke, evidence review suggests
Less Salt, More Veggies in School Lunches: USDA
  New rules call for healthier foods but some say changes don't go far enough
Kids' Snacks Can Be Healthy and Inexpensive
  New study at YMCAs finds food combinations that satisfy budgets, nutrition guidelines
Too Much Fructose Sweetener Tied to Heart Risks in Teens
  Study finds high consumption associated with early signs of diabetes, other health issues
Avoid Getting Scorched by 'Hot Yoga'
  High temperature could be dangerous for people with certain medical conditions (including heart disease), expert cautions
'Upper Normal' Blood Pressure Linked to Heart Risk in Men
  Those with levels in the high end of the normal range may later develop irregular heartbeat, study says
What is Hypertension?
  Learn more about high blood pressure and how to best treat it
Americans Aren't Getting Any Skinnier
  But, the good news is the overall rate of obesity is stabilizing, researchers report
More, Faster Weight Loss Seen With Gastric Bypass Than Banding
  But the surgeon performing the operation also makes a difference, an expert says
Health Tip: Preparing for a Stress Test
  To check heart function
Women Suffer From Sleep Apnea, Raised Heart Risks, Too
  Spanish study also finds that breathing apparatus helps them as much as it helps men
Sleep Apnea May Be Tied to 'Silent' Strokes, Study Finds
  Other research also suggests rapid memory loss may be linked to a fatal brain attack
Even When Silent, Irregular Heartbeat Linked to Stroke Risk
  Study found people with pacemakers experienced atrial fibrillation without realizing it
New Blood Thinner Linked to Higher Heart Attack Risk
  But benefits of Pradaxa still outweigh risks for those with atrial fibrillation, experts say
Experimental Drug Might Beat Aspirin in Preventing Repeat Strokes: Study
  It's not yet FDA-approved, but apixaban cut clot risk caused by abnormal heartbeat
What is atrial fibrillation?
  Learn more about the most common arrythmia as we age
Lipitor patent ends; generic drug available: What now?
  Lipitor patients may be switched to a generic or may continue to get Lipitor (and for less), depending on insurance company deals with Pfizer. Here's a guide (LA Times).
Statins Cost Four Times More in U.S. Than in U.K.
  Use of generic versions of the cholesterol-lowering drugs in Britain may be a factor, study says
Study Hints That Statins Might Fight Breast Cancer
  But laboratory finding on tumor suppression hasn't been proven in real-world setting, researcher said
Endovascular Graft Approved for Tears of Aorta
  The body's largest artery
Surgeons Offer Advice on Avoiding Varicose Veins
  Tips include maintaining a healthy weight, exercising regularly, elevating legs when resting
Dr Caren and Dr Urman among the best cardiologists in Los Angeles
  They both have been selected by their peers to the prestigious Super Doctors list
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