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March 12, 2010

In This Issue
Variable Blood Pressure a New Stroke Risk Factor?
Alternative to Statins Shows Promise
Doctors Turning to Cardiac Catheterization Too Quickly
Shift Work Can Put a Crimp on Sleep
Blacks, Hispanics With Heart Failure Less Likely to Use Hospice
Study Looks At Cost-Effectiveness of ECG in Hyperactive Kids
Diet, Exercise Can Improve Thinking
Bleeding Alert Sounded for Stroke Drugs
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Welcome to Dr. Caren and Dr. Urman's Heart Health e-Newsletter. 

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Health News

Variable Blood Pressure a New Stroke Risk Factor?

Big ups and downs in readings may call for specific treatments, experts say

THURSDAY, March 11 Challenging established medical wisdom about blood pressure and stroke, new British research suggests that extremely variable blood pressure, and not just high blood pressure, can greatly increase a person's risk of stroke.

"Some people have very s... Read the full article

Alternative to Statins Shows Promise

Broader study needed to check for possible long-term effects, experts say

WEDNESDAY, March 10 A thyroid-derived cholesterol-lowering drug that could be an alternative to the widely used statin medications has done well in a small, early trial, Swedish and American researchers report.

In the trial, various doses of the drug, eprotirome, a l... Read the full article

Doctors Turning to Cardiac Catheterization Too Quickly

Study finds only a third of those who get invasive procedure have vessel blockage

WEDNESDAY, March 10 If you walk into an emergency room complaining of chest pains, the odds are high that you will end up having cardiac catheterization, where a thin wire is snaked into your heart to determine whether a blood vessel is totally or partially blocked.

... Read the full article

Shift Work Can Put a Crimp on Sleep

If changing jobs isn't an option, modifying behavior may help, expert says

TUESDAY, March 9 To make ends meet these days, many Americans are sacrificing sleep to work night shifts or juggle two jobs.

Research suggests, though, that lack of sleep can lead to memory problems, depression, cardiovascular concerns, cancer and increased risk of a... Read the full article

Blacks, Hispanics With Heart Failure Less Likely to Use Hospice

Despite increase in services, racial disparities persist, study finds

MONDAY, March 8 Blacks and Hispanics with advanced heart failure are much less likely to turn to hospice care than whites, even though blacks in particular are more likely to develop the condition, a new report finds.

Heart failure, in which the heart weakens and c... Read the full article

Study Looks At Cost-Effectiveness of ECG in Hyperactive Kids

Analysis compared three strategies for preventing sudden cardiac death from stimulant medication

MONDAY, March 8 Electrocardiogram screening to check for heart problems in hyperactive children before prescribing stimulant medications may help identify those at risk, but is only borderline cost-effective compared to the current practice of taking a patient history and doin... Read the full article

Diet, Exercise Can Improve Thinking

Study finds benefits for the mind, not just the body

MONDAY, March 8 A good diet and regular exercise may help the mind function better, a new study suggests.

"It looks like exercise and diet improve the range of cognitive function," said Patrick Smith, an intern in clinical neuropsychology and a member of a Duke Unive... Read the full article

Bleeding Alert Sounded for Stroke Drugs

Medication combination raises risk 10-fold, small study finds

MONDAY, March 8 People treated with the clot-dissolving drug tPA for a stroke caused by a blocked brain artery are significantly more likely to have excess bleeding if they have been taking the anti-clotting drug Coumadin, even though a test shows no great danger of bleeding, ... Read the full article

Coffee is Generally Heart-Friendly
  But it may be linked to a slight rise in high blood pressure, researchers say
Possible Alternative to Coumadin?
  Current Blood Thinners Face Tough Competition. Studies provide more evidence that newcomers hold mettle against warfarin, aspirin.
Popular Diet Plans Can Unclog Arteries
  Low-fat, low-carb, Mediterranean regimens all help the heart, study finds
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To Double the Odds of Seeing 85: Get a Move On
  When It Comes to Longevity, Regular Exercise May Be the Most Potent Weapon Against Disease
You Can't Exercise Away TV's Toll on the Heart
  Heavy screen time in youth means trouble by mid-40s, despite activity levels, study finds
Happy Marriage Cuts Men's Risk of Stroke
  Single men, unhappy husbands had higher incidence of dying in study
High-fat diets raise stroke risk in women
  Especially bad are trans fats, the type found in cookies, crackers, stick margarine and fried foods
Many women avoid calling 911
  Many Women Experiencing Heart Attack Symptoms Forgo Calling 911
Potassium-Rich Foods Do a Heart Good
  And another study confirms power of raw fruits, vegetables to protect against stroke
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