Heart Health e-News: May 2012

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May 04, 2012

In This Issue
Less Invasive Heart Valve Replacement Works for Elderly: Study
Dark Chocolate May Lower Risk of Heart Disease
Stress May Be Tougher on Women's Hearts Than Men's: Study
Low-Fat Dairy Linked to Lower Stroke Risk
Exercise May Help Patients With High Blood Pressure Live Longer
Optimism Might Cut Your Risk for Heart Attack
Here Are Fruits, Veggies That Offer Best Bang for Your Buck
Health Tip: Know Your Risk Factors for Atherosclerosis
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Health News

Less Invasive Heart Valve Replacement Works for Elderly: Study

Real-world results promising for high-risk aortic stenosis patients, researchers say

WEDNESDAY, May 2 For elderly patients with a heart valve disease known as aortic stenosis, a procedure called a transcatheter aortic-valve implantation appears safe and effective, French researchers say.

Transcatheter aortic-valve implantation is a less invasive way ... » Read the full article

Dark Chocolate May Lower Risk of Heart Disease

Study says it reduces levels of blood sugar and bad cholesterol, raises good cholesterol levels

TUESDAY, April 24 Dark chocolate may lower your risk of heart disease by lowering levels of blood glucose and bad cholesterol while boosting levels of good cholesterol, a small new study suggests.

Chocolate contains compounds called flavanols, which have antioxidant ... » Read the full article

Stress May Be Tougher on Women's Hearts Than Men's: Study

Preliminary research found blood flow doesn't rise in women, possibly raising their cardiac risk

TUESDAY, April 24 Heart blood flow increases in men when they experience mental stress, but does not change in women, a small new study suggests.

The finding may explain why women are more likely than men to have heart trouble when they suffer emotional distress, the... » Read the full article

Low-Fat Dairy Linked to Lower Stroke Risk

Odds for an attack were slightly less than for those who ate higher-fat fare, study found

THURSDAY, April 19 In what the researchers say is the largest study on the issue to date, adults who consumed higher amounts of low-fat dairy products also had a somewhat lower long-term risk of stroke.

The study involved nearly 75,000 Swedish adults who were tracked... » Read the full article

Exercise May Help Patients With High Blood Pressure Live Longer

Large study from Taiwan found inactive people fared worse at all blood-pressure levels

THURSDAY, April 19 Exercise reduced the risk of death in people with high blood pressure during the course of a new 12-year study.

The researchers also found that inactivity increased the risk of death during the study approximately the same amount as would an increa... » Read the full article

Optimism Might Cut Your Risk for Heart Attack

Large review also found positive people less likely to suffer stroke

WEDNESDAY, April 18 Being upbeat is good for your heart, a new study suggests.

Many previous studies have shown that negative mental states -- such as depression, anger, anxiety and hostility -- can harm the heart.

This Harvard S... » Read the full article

Here Are Fruits, Veggies That Offer Best Bang for Your Buck

Strawberries, pineapple, spinach, broccoli and mustard greens are in season and good for you, experts say

FRIDAY, April 13 Studies suggest that eating a diet that contains lots of fresh fruits and vegetables may reduce the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and certain cancers.

So which ones should you choose this spring? Some of your best choices are strawberri... » Read the full article

Health Tip: Know Your Risk Factors for Atherosclerosis

The leading killer of men and women in the United States

Atherosclerosis, sometimes called hardening of the arteries, occurs when sticky fat deposits called plaque adhere to the walls of blood vessels that carry oxygenated blood throughout the body. These deposits limit blood flow and can lead to heart attack or stroke.

Th... » Read the full article

EKG Heart Test May Predict Risk in Older Adults
  Even minor changes can mean greater odds of heart attack, other conditions, study finds
How That Glass of Red Wine Might Help You Live Longer
  Mouse study suggests synthetic form of compound found in grapes deserves a look
Omega-3 Supplements No Help Against Repeat Heart Trouble: Review
  Second look at 14 studies concluded there was no benefit
Study Finds Direct Link Between Obesity, Heart Disease
  Data from more than 75,000 people showed that having a higher BMI, in itself, is harmful
Healthy Weight Loss May Also Cut Your Cancer Risk
  New study found decrease in inflammation warning signals
Health Tip: What Constitutes 'Healthy Eating?'
  Avoid too much of the same food
Health Tip: Eat Less
  For starters, avoid large portions
Health Tip: Keep the Weight Off
  Avoid sauces, gravies and fattening dressings
Dieters Share Success Strategies
  Eating less fat, exercising more, using prescription meds help most, survey finds
Health Tip: Overcoming Obstacles to Exercise
  Make sure your goals are realistic
Health Tip: Don't Forget Aerobic Exercise
  Walk instead of driving
Women Less Apt Than Men to Get Recommended Daily Exercise
  They averaged about 18 minutes a day, far short of the recommended 30 minutes, study finds
The Guide to Beating a Heart Attack
  First Line of Defense Is Lowering Risk, Even When Genetics Isn't on Your Side (WSJ - subscription required)
Many Americans Fail To React To Heart Attack Symptoms
  Nine hundred thousand Americans will suffer a heart attack this year but so many of us will fail to take the three simple steps that could change the outcome and save lives (ABC News)
Heart Attack Survival Varies Widely Among Hospitals, Study Finds
  Simple changes in administrative procedures can save lives, researchers say
What is a Myocardial Infarction?
  Learn more about what a heart attack is
What is Aortic Stenosis?
  Learn more about this abnormal valve condition
Scientists Spot How Cox-2 Painkillers Raise Heart Risks
  The drugs suppress an enzyme that relaxes blood vessels and guards against clotting, research finds
Everyday Activities Might Lower Alzheimer's Risk
  Study finds association for more active elderly, even without formal exercise
Health Tip: Seniors Need Their Nutrients
  Including calcium and vitamin D
Eating Berries Might Help Preserve Your Memory
  Blueberries, strawberries found to prevent mental decline in study of older women
DNA Testing Finds Allergens, Toxins in Traditional Chinese Medicines
  U.S. experts say supplements made in America are different, but neither country tests for ingredients
Thyroid Condition Linked to Heart Problems: Study
  Risk was especially elevated for atrial fibrillation
Stopping Blood Thinners Raises Stroke Risk for Patients With Irregular Heartbeat
  Risk is increased whether patients are taking warfarin or a newer drug, rivaroxaban
Study Pinpoints New Abnormality in 'Athlete's Heart'
  Characteristic is found most often in black male athlete
Dissolvable Heart Artery Stents Appear Safe in Study
  Biodegradable stents might lower risk of heart attack, Japanese researchers suggest
Witnessing, Experiencing Traumatic Events May Worsen Heart Disease
  The more trauma heart patients were exposed to, the higher their levels of inflammation, study found
Young Americans Need to Cut Calorie Intake: Study
  Without reducing consumption, more than one in five children will be obese by 2020
Health Tip: Buy Lean Meat
  Here's what to look for on the label
Health Tip: Add Flavor, Without Salt, to Your Food
  Here are low- and no-sodium seasoning options
Sibling Had a Stroke? Your Risk Might Rise, Too
  Study shows interconnections between genetics, shared lifestyles, experts say
Spouses of Cancer Patients May Have Raised Risk of Heart Disease, Stroke
  Stress could take a toll on caregiver's health, researchers say
What Causes Hot Flashes, Anyway?
  New study looks at heart-rate control in women during or after menopause
Testosterone Supplements Might Help Patients With Heart Failure
  Small preliminary studies found benefits for patients' fitness, ability to exercise
Common Blood Pressure Drug Safe for Heart Failure: Study
  New research allays concerns found in earlier studies, researchers say
Dr Urman and Dr Caren Make US News Top Doctors List
  Both have been selected by peer-nominated process to the prestigious Castle and Connolly Top Doctors list
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