Heart Health e-News: May 2017 - Too Many People Still Ignore Heart Attack Risks

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Hello, here is your May 2017 issue of Heart Health e-Newslettter.
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Dr. Caren and Dr. Urman's Heart Health

Our monthly newsletter is intended to raise awareness of heart health-related issues and to encourage our readers to be educated and to take charge of their health and live healthier, more fulfilling lives. One of a doctor’s primary obligations is to educate patients.  In fact the origin of the word ‘doctor’ is (via Old French) from the Latin doctor which means ‘teacher’ (from docere ‘teach’).

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Patients and professional colleagues alike have recognized Dr. Mark Urman and Dr. Jeffrey Caren as being sensitive and caring physicians as well as having exceptional clinical judgment and awareness of the current thought in clinical cardiology.

Drs. Caren and Urman are proud to be Attending Cardiologists in the
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Health News

Too Many People Still Ignore Heart Attack Risks: Study
Stenting is easy; changing patient behaviors is hard, cardiologist says

WEDNESDAY, May 3, 2017 Sizable numbers of adults with risk factors for heart attack -- such as smoking, obesity or physical inactivity -- aren't inclined to do anything to improve their health, a large, new study finds.

<... » Read the full article

Healthy Heart in Middle Age Delivers Big Dividends
Study found it was linked to longer, disease-free life

MONDAY, May 1, 2017 It may not come as a surprise, but a new study suggests that people who reach middle age in good heart health can look forward to a longer, healthier life.

The findings were culled from an analysis t... » Read the full article

No Excuses: Exercise Can Overcome the 'Obesity Gene'
Physical activity appears to lower effects of key DNA linked to weight gain, study finds

THURSDAY, April 27, 2017 Even if obesity is "in your genes," regular exercise can help keep extra pounds at bay, a new study suggests.

Researchers found that when people carried a particular gene variant that raises obe... » Read the full article

Energy Drinks May Give the Heart an Unhealthy Jolt
Popular beverages also affect blood pressure for hours, small trial shows

WEDNESDAY, April 26, 2017 The surge from energy drinks can cause unhealthy changes in your heart rhythm and blood pressure that don't occur with other caffeinated beverages, a small new trial suggests.

The blend of caff... » Read the full article

Waist Size, Not Weight, May be Key to Life Span
Even those who aren't overweight are at risk of death if they've got a paunch, researchers report

MONDAY, April 24, 2017 That spare tire you're toting around could be increasing your risk of an early death, a new study suggests.

What's more, the increased risk associated with having a larger waistline occurs even i... » Read the full article

Exercise Benefits Aging Hearts, Even Those of the Obese
Physical activity helps ward off heart damage in middle age and beyond, study finds

MONDAY, April 24, 2017 Exercise can reduce the risk of heart damage in middle-aged adults and seniors -- even in those who are obese, according to a new study.

"The protective association of physical activity against [h... » Read the full article

Get to Know the Mediterranean Diet
This eating regimen offers a healthy yet tasty option for weight loss

MONDAY, April 17, 2017 The diet followed by people who live in countries around the Mediterranean Sea has been shown to be more than just delicious. The so-called Mediterranean diet can help you limit daily calories so you can lo... » Read the full article

Early Onset Hot Flashes May Signal Higher Heart Risks
Study found link between menopausal symptoms in younger women and reduced blood vessel function

THURSDAY, April 13, 2017 Hot flashes may be more than a troublesome nuisance for some women during menopause -- they may be a signal for increased risk of heart disease, new research suggests.

Researchers tracked the he... » Read the full article

The news stories provided in this e-newsletter are a service of the nationally syndicated HealthDay news and information company. Stories refer to national trends and breaking health news, and are not necessarily indicative of or always supported by our facility and providers. This information is provided for informational and educational purposes only, and is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please see our full Terms of Use for more information.
May 05, 2017

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Eating Gluten-Free Without a Medical Reason?
It won't help your heart and could even hurt it, researchers say
Oktoberfest Study Links Boozing to Heart Woes
Munich researchers find 1 in 3 beer drinkers tracked at festival experienced abnormal heart rhythm
Trans Fat Bans May Have Cut Heart Attack, Stroke Rate
Pending FDA regulations should remove nearly all of this unhealthy substance from your diet, experts say
Common Food Nutrient Tied to Risky Blood Clotting
Gut bacteria reacts to compound in eggs and meat to produce chemical that ups heart disease risk, study says
Busiest Docs Get Best Results With Heart Valve Surgery
Patients more likely to receive repair than replacement from the most experienced surgeons, study finds
Women Fare Poorly With Aortic Aneurysm: Study
British study says their treatment, compared to men, needs drastic improvement
Low-Dose Aspirin May Lower Risk for Common Breast Cancer by 20 Percent
But experts say it's too soon to recommend it for this purpose
Routine Tests Urged for Pregnancy Complication Preeclampsia
Expert panel recommends blood-pressure check at every prenatal visit
Taking the Stairs a Better Pick-Me-Up Than Coffee
A 10-minute climb can increase fitness and motivation, researcher says
Get Out There and Exercise
Why it's time to put an end to the excuses
Don't Bank on Heart-Rate Accuracy From Your Activity Tracker
Fluctuations seen among 4 models, especially during exercise, study finds
Exercise Guidelines: How Much Is Enough?
The time you need to spend exercising depends on what you're doing, but it's probably less than you think
Health Tip: Planning Your Walking Workout
Split it into these three stages
Health Tip: Getting Enough Hard Exercise
See if your workout makes the grade
Want a Longer Life? Try Biking to Work
Pedal pushers saw their risk for heart disease, cancer and early death cut by almost half in 5-year study
A Healthy Middle-Aged Heart May Protect Your Brain Later
Dementia expert says take up heart-healthy habits sooner rather than later
Many Americans Don't Know How to Handle High Cholesterol
Survey found they know it raises heart risks, but are confused, discouraged about how to lower it
The Grayer His Hair, the Higher His Heart Risk?
Study finds link between silvery locks and hardening of the arteries
Taller, Bigger Women May Face Irregular Heartbeat Risk
Chances of atrial fibrillation rise along with body size, but remain low overall, study says
No Link Between Common Antibiotic, Irregular Heartbeat
Azithromycin, commonly known as Zithromax, won't up odds for ventricular tachycardia, study shows
Blood Pressure: Know Your Numbers
The results offer clues to your health
Exercise and Vitamin D: A Heart-Healthy Combo
Together, the two offer more protection against disease than either does alone, study suggests
Exercisers May Have Better Shot of Surviving Heart Attack
Researchers suggest that people who work out might develop 'collateral' blood vessels in the heart
Many Heart Attack Patients Fail to Stick With Statins
Greater education is needed on the lifesaving benefits of 'high-intensity' treatment, researchers say
Do Diet Sodas Pose Health Risks?
Study suggests -- but does not prove -- a possible link to stroke, dementia
Is This Enzyme Making You Fat?
When researchers inhibited the substance in mice, they gained 40 percent less weight than 'control' mice
Counting Your Way to Weight Loss
Standard calorie caps aren't for everyone
Kidney Disease a Big Contributor to Heart-Related Deaths: Study
Finding points to need for screening for kidney function
'Eat to Your Heart's Content'
Learn more about the best heart-healthy dietary options
More Younger Americans Are Suffering Strokes: Study
Researchers cite rise in blood pressure and diabetes, but one specialist questions the findings
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