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May 07, 2010

In This Issue
Genes Tie Blood Fat to Heart Disease
Risks Rise for Other Surgeries After Stent Implants
Pneumonia Shot Won't Help Lower Men's Heart Risks
Hospitals Falling Short on Heart Patients' Follow-Up Care
Many Unaware of Local Stroke Centers
Aspirin May Increase Risk of Crohn's Disease
'Healthy' Pre-Diabetics Still Face Heart Disease Threat
FDA Reviews Side Effects From Prostate Cancer Therapy
Today's Feature

Welcome to Dr. Caren and Dr. Urman's Heart Health e-Newsletter. 

This complimentary educational service for our patients and their families is published monthly. Please click above to enter our website and learn more about our practice.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or wish to make an appointment.  

The column on the right has heart-related stories from the last several weeks which we feel are most important and most likely to be of interest to our patients. Addtional general information and recent news about our office can also be found to the right. The latest news items about heart health are found below.

In Focus:  From the Doctors' Desk 

At the bottom of the column to the right is a special infomative article by Drs. Caren and Urman.  This month is a feature on red yeast rice and whether it is a good idea or not for treating high cholesterol.

Health News

Genes Tie Blood Fat to Heart Disease

Mutation can increase risk by up to 40 percent, researchers say

THURSDAY, May 6 Scientists have long debated the role triglyceride levels might play in heart disease, and finally they have genetic evidence linking high concentrations of the blood fat to an increased risk of heart trouble.

Until now, cholesterol levels were the k... Read the full article

Risks Rise for Other Surgeries After Stent Implants

Danger is greatest in first six weeks, study finds

WEDNESDAY, May 5 People who've had a stent implanted to keep a coronary artery open face an increased risk for heart complications and death if they have non-cardiac surgery in subsequent weeks, a new Scottish study has found.

"We looked at the risks connected to fou... Read the full article

Pneumonia Shot Won't Help Lower Men's Heart Risks

Study finds no protection against heart attack, stroke

TUESDAY, May 4 Being vaccinated against pneumonia doesn't reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke in men older than 45, a new study finds.

The research included more than 84,000 men, ages 45 to 69, who enrolled in the California Men's Health Study between January ... Read the full article

Hospitals Falling Short on Heart Patients' Follow-Up Care

Not tracking heart failure outcomes after discharge leads to readmissions, study finds

TUESDAY, May 4 A quick follow-up visit by a medical professional to a heart failure patient discharged from the hospital reduces the chance that the patient will wind up back in the hospital, but that preventive measure is more often ignored than observed, a new study finds.Read the full article

Many Unaware of Local Stroke Centers

Residents in U.S. 'stroke belt' are among least informed, survey finds

TUESDAY, May 4 Stroke is a leading cause of death in the United States, yet a new survey of 1,000 Americans finds that nearly 60 percent don't known if their local hospitals offer specialized treatment for stroke.

Despite awareness efforts... Read the full article

Aspirin May Increase Risk of Crohn's Disease

But experts add that painkiller's other health benefits may outweigh possible link

MONDAY, May 3 A new British study finds that people who take aspirin every day have a higher risk of developing Crohn's disease, a potentially devastating digestive illness.

But it's still not very likely that aspirin users will develop the condition, and the study's... Read the full article

'Healthy' Pre-Diabetics Still Face Heart Disease Threat

Experts urge preventive steps for those at risk of developing high blood pressure, diabetes

MONDAY, May 3 People who are at high risk of developing diabetes and high blood pressure but don't have symptoms yet may still be at higher risk for heart disease, a new study reports.

"Diabetes and hypertension have reached epidemic status, not only in the U.S., but... Read the full article

FDA Reviews Side Effects From Prostate Cancer Therapy

Doctors urged to consider risks of hormone treatment, inform patients

MONDAY, May 3 A widely used class of prostate cancer drugs called gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) agonists increases the risk of diabetes, heart attack, stroke and sudden death in men, a U.S. Food and Drug Administration review has found.

Based on initial findi... Read the full article

Turning Your Workday Into Weight Loss
  'Healthy office' can help employees shed pounds, boost productivity, experts say
Some Success Fighting Heart Disease
  More Americans have healthier habits and aggressive preventive medical interventions promoted by cardiologists appear to be making an impact.
Should Cholesterol Drugs Be Used By Those Without High Cholesterol?
  Some experts say statins help healthier people, but others worry about risks
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Office News
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Severe Arterial Disease Found in Younger Adults
  Premature hardening of the arteries in arms and legs seen in many patients under 55: study
Health Tip: Help Prevent Vascular Disease and Atherosclerosis
  Steps you can take to ward off heart attack and stroke
Device Avoids Open-Heart Surgery When Artificial Valve Fails
  Inserting new valve within the valve might help high-risk patients, researchers say
Magnets Might Boost Stem Cell Therapy for Heart
  Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute researcher shows that in animal studies, they drew more stem cells to damaged heart tissue
Even Mild Sleep Apnea Raises Stroke Risk in Men
  Risk may stem from cumulative effect over many years, study suggests
Health Tip: Are You at Risk for Sleep Apnea?
  Being overweight and older increase your chances
Smoking Bans May Be Boosting Public Health
  Hospital admissions for heart, respiratory woes fell by a third after laws took hold, study found
Public Defibrillators Save Lives
  Widespread use could prevent 474 deaths a year in U.S., Canada, study says
Money Worries Delay Heart Attack Treatment
  Even those with insurance sometimes hesitate over finances, study finds
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In Focus:
From the Doctors' Desk
  Red Yeast Rice: Is it a reasonable alternative to statins to lower cholesterol or a risky unregulated natural substance?
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