Heart Health e-News: June 2012

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June 01, 2012

In This Issue
Generic Versions of Blood-Thinning Plavix Approved
Benefits of Widespread Statin Use Outweigh Risks: Study
Fitness Fights High Blood Pressure, Even With Family History
People With HIV at Higher Odds of Sudden Cardiac Death
Secondhand Smoke May Harm Heart Function
Sex After Heart Attack? Doc's OK May Be Key
Pot Belly Boosts Risk of Sudden Cardiac Death: Study
Irregular Heartbeat Poses Greater Stroke Risk for Women Than Men
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Health News

Generic Versions of Blood-Thinning Plavix Approved

Drug helps prevent deadly clots

THURSDAY, May 17 The first generic versions of the blood-thinning drug Plavix (clopidogrel bisulfate) have been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Brand-name Plavix, made by Brisol-Myers Squibb and Sanofi, was first FDA approved in 1997 to help preven... » Read the full article

Benefits of Widespread Statin Use Outweigh Risks: Study

Even among low-risk patients, cholesterol meds may slash risk for vascular event

THURSDAY, May 17 Statins -- commonly used cholesterol-lowering drugs -- can significantly lower the risk for heart disease in people with no history of vascular disease, according to a new study.

Researchers from the University of Oxford ... » Read the full article

Fitness Fights High Blood Pressure, Even With Family History

Staying in shape lowered odds of developing hypertension by up to 42 percent in study

TUESDAY, May 15 Although people with a family history of high blood pressure (hypertension) are at much greater risk of developing the condition themselves, regular exercise and physical fitness may significantly lower that risk, according to a new study.

"The resul... » Read the full article

People With HIV at Higher Odds of Sudden Cardiac Death

Study finds an increased risk even among patients with well-controlled disease

MONDAY, May 14 People with HIV/AIDS are four times more likely to die of sudden cardiac arrest than those in the general population, a new study finds.

The findings held true even for people with well-controlled HIV, according to researchers from the University of Ca... » Read the full article

Secondhand Smoke May Harm Heart Function

Just 30 minutes of exposure can damage the lining of the blood vessels, study shows

MONDAY, May 14 For nonsmokers, exposure to low levels of secondhand smoke for just 30 minutes can cause significant damage to the lining of their blood vessels, the results of a new study indicate.

The findings could have major public health implications because thi... » Read the full article

Sex After Heart Attack? Doc's OK May Be Key

However, study found that most patients don't discuss topic with a physician

FRIDAY, May 11 Heart attack survivors are more likely to resume their sex lives if doctors reassure them it's safe, a new study shows.

University of Chicago Medicine researchers surveyed nearly 1,900 heart attack survivors for the study. Among patients who were sexua... » Read the full article

Pot Belly Boosts Risk of Sudden Cardiac Death: Study

Carrying weight in your midsection adds to obesity's dangers

WEDNESDAY, May 9 A "spare tire" around the midsection raises the odds of sudden cardiac death in obese people, a new study finds.

A larger waist-to-hip ratio matters even more than body-mass index when it comes to sudden cardiac death risk... » Read the full article

Irregular Heartbeat Poses Greater Stroke Risk for Women Than Men

Study found that the higher odds remained even when women took blood thinner

TUESDAY, May 8 Older women with the irregular heartbeat known as atrial fibrillation face a 14 percent greater risk of stroke than men with the same condition, Canadian researchers report.

The raised risk remained higher even when women were taking the blood-thinner ... » Read the full article

Health Tip: Keep Off the Weight You've Lost
  Don't neglect exercise
Amazon Tribe Gives Clues to Heart-Healthy Lifestyles
  Research in African Pygmies also shows how traditional ways of life aid cardiovascular health
Aspirin May Be Effective Long-Term To Reduce Risk of Repeat Blood Clots in Leg Veins
  If given after a standard several month course of anticoagulant treatment. But results of one small trial do not change clinical practice yet.
Palpitations May Signal Future Heart Rhythm Problem
  Study found greater odds of developing atrial fibrillation
Statins May Help Prevent Irregular Heartbeat in Elderly
  Cholesterol-lowering drugs cut risk of atrial fibrillation in people with high blood pressure, early study found
High Blood Pressure in Pregnancy May Threaten Kids' Heart Health
  Preeclampsia bodes ill for offspring, study says
FDA Approves Generic Versions of Plavix
  Price of widely used blood thinner should drop for heart patients
Plavix's New Generic Status Could Be Boon for Patients
  Price of widely used blood thinner should drop once patent ends Thursday
'Bad' Fat May Hurt Brain Function Over Time
  But researchers report that 'good' fat may help preserve thinking and memory
Asthma Meds May Be Linked to Irregular Heartbeat
  Early study found more arrhythmias in young people on certain inhalers
Study Spots Early Warning Signal for Sudden Cardiac Death
  Risk higher when electrical impulses travel more slowly through lower chambers of the heart
Black Africans Less Apt to Develop Heart Rhythm Disorder Than Whites
  This held true even though blacks had more risk factors for the condition than whites, study finds
Sleep Apnea 'Mask' Might Also Help the Heart
  CPAP treatment was tied to lowered odds for high blood pressure, study found
Health Tip: Walk at Work
  And ask a colleague to join you
Exercise Helps Older Adults Stay Fit
  Expert offers advice on working out in your 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond
Health Tip: Take a Walk!
  But make sure you don't overdo it
Health Tip: Exercising in the Heat
  Drink lots of water
Health Tip: Tame Your Food Cravings
  Wait 20 minutes, since cravings usually are short-lived
Stem Cell Study Shows Promising Results Against Heart Failure
  Injecting patient's 'enhanced' bone marrow into damaged heart improved symptoms
Eye Changes May Predict Heart Disease in Blacks With Diabetes
  Arterial narrowing in retina seen as independent risk factor with type 1 disease, study says
Study Links Antibiotic to Slight Rise in Heart Patients' Death Risk
  But the finding for azithromycin needs to be confirmed, expert says
FDA Issues Multiple Sclerosis Drug Alert
  Heart risks spur warning about Gilenya
Are Post-Angioplasty Stress Tests Unnecessary?
  Further studies are needed to determine whether the findings from this testing is or is not useful for improving clinical outcomes
With Weights, You Can Lighten Your Load
  Just do more repetitions, researchers say
Shape Up, Safely, for Summer
  Be realistic and don't overdo it, experts say
Evolution May Explain 'Runner's High,' Study Says
  Brain reward center boost seems to spur humans, dogs to run long distances
Joggers Live Longer, Study Says
  Slow pace best for longevity, researchers report
That Long Commute May Be Harming Your Health
  Study found that as drives got longer, waistlines expanded and fitness levels dropped
For Healthier Eating, Keep Fruits, Veggies Within Reach
  Study involving college students found proximity mattered
Exercise Can Help Fight Heart Failure
  Small study found it slowed muscle wasting, boosted fitness
U.S. Teens Heading for Heart Trouble: Study
  High 'bad' cholesterol, pre-diabetes or diabetes affect almost one-quarter of teens
U.S. Obesity Rate Set to Soar, Costing Billions: CDC
  But researchers add the rise might be somewhat less than previously estimated
Obese Teens Can Have Heart Damage Without Showing Signs
  Small, early study found changes in cardiac structure, function
Research May Point to New Obesity Treatments
  Making energy-storing white fat act more like energy-burning brown fat might spur weight loss, researchers say
U.S. Report Outlines Strategies to Prevent Obesity
  Promoting daily physical activity, making healthful food readily available are key components
New Weight-Loss Drug Shows Promise in Trial
  Those who took Qnexa lost more weight, even if they had other health conditions
FDA Panel Gives Blessing to New Weight-Loss Drug
  If agency follows suit, lorcaserin could be first such medication approved in a decade
Rate of Hospitalizations for Stroke Has Declined in U.S.
  The death rate for these patients also fell from 9% in 1989 to 5% in 2009, study shows
Fitness in Middle Age Lowers Medical Costs Later
  Results suggest preventive efforts focusing on lifestyle choices are well aimed
High Blood Pressure Risk Factors That May Surprise You
  Keep blood pressure in the normal range to prevent strokes, experts say
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