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June 03, 2011

In This Issue
More Stroke Patients Get Clot-Busting Drug But Barriers Remain
Popular Blood Pressure Meds Not Linked to Cancer, FDA Says
Low-Carb, High-Fat Diets May Not Pose Risk to Arteries
Male Heart Disease May Be Linked to Mom's Lifetime Nutrition
Fear of Dying During Heart Attack May Make Matters Worse
Experts Recommend Cardiac Screening for College Athletes
Can Removing Tonsils, Appendix Boost Early Heart Attack Risk?
Widely Used Heart Drugs Linked to Better Breast Cancer Outcomes
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Dr. Caren and Dr. Urman's Echocardiography Laboratory Reaccredited

The echocardiography lab of COR Medical Group was one of the first echo labs accredited in the US (in 2008) and has been recognized once again for its commitment to high quality patient care and for demonstrating the pursuit of excellence in the field of cardiac ultrasound.

Health News

More Stroke Patients Get Clot-Busting Drug But Barriers Remain

Getting people to seek immediate treatment is a major hurdle, experts say

THURSDAY, June 2 Use of a life-saving clot-busting drug to treat ischemic strokes nearly doubled from 2005 through 2009, but the rates still remain too low, a new study finds.

Acute ischemic stroke occurs when a blood clot cuts off blood supply to the brain. Tiss... » Read the full article

Popular Blood Pressure Meds Not Linked to Cancer, FDA Says

U.S. health authorities complete safety review, exonerate angiotensin-receptor blockers

THURSDAY, June 2 A class of drugs widely used to treat high blood pressure doesn't boost the risk of cancer, as a recent analysis suggested, U.S. health authorities announced Thursday.

The drugs are known as angiotensin-receptor blockers (ARBs) and include medicines ... » Read the full article

Low-Carb, High-Fat Diets May Not Pose Risk to Arteries

Short-term studies found no harm to vascular health

THURSDAY, June 2 New research suggests that low-carbohydrate diets, with regular exercise as part of the plan, don't appear to harm the arteries, as some experts have feared.

"It's pretty clear low-carb is effective for weight loss," said study author Kerry J. Stewar... » Read the full article

Male Heart Disease May Be Linked to Mom's Lifetime Nutrition

Risk associated, in part, with mother's body size, placenta size and shape at birth, researchers say

THURSDAY, June 2 A man's heart disease risk after the age of 40 may be linked, at least in part, to his mother's body size and placenta size when he was born, a new study suggests.

"Chronic disease is the product of a mother's lifetime nut... » Read the full article

Fear of Dying During Heart Attack May Make Matters Worse

High anxiety linked to greater inflammation, study finds

WEDNESDAY, June 1 People who become very afraid of dying in the moments during and days after a heart attack also seem to have more inflammation, an indicator that they may, in the long run, do worse than patients who are less fearful, a small Briti... » Read the full article

Experts Recommend Cardiac Screening for College Athletes

1 in 4 tested had heart abnormality or symptoms that required further screening, study finds

WEDNESDAY, June 1 Screening college athletes for heart conditions before they participate in sports could help prevent incidents of sudden cardiac death, according to a new study.

Nearly one in four athletes tested either had a distinct heart abnormality or symptoms... » Read the full article

Can Removing Tonsils, Appendix Boost Early Heart Attack Risk?

Tonsillectomy, appendectomy before age 20 may slightly raise threat, study suggests

WEDNESDAY, June 1 Although the tonsils and appendix are not considered vital to the body, Swedish researchers have found that people who had them taken out before the age of 20 may be at a slightly greater risk of an early heart attack.

The new study linked the role... » Read the full article

Widely Used Heart Drugs Linked to Better Breast Cancer Outcomes

But much more research has to be done to confirm findings, experts say

WEDNESDAY, June 1 Beta blockers -- safe, inexpensive drugs that have been used for decades by millions of people -- may eventually have a role in fighting breast cancer, according to two new studies.

One study suggests that women who are a... » Read the full article

Scientists Discover 'Ultra-Bad' Cholesterol
  Study of super-sticky LDL may spur new heart disease treatments for seniors, type 2 diabetics
Health Tip: The Dangers of Having High Cholesterol
  It raises your risk of a host of diseases
Eat Less, Live Longer?
  People who significantly reduce their caloric intake may prolong their lives - hopefully it doesn't just seem longer :)
Could 'Extreme' Low-Cal Diets Bring Longer, Healthier Life?
  Long-term study will follow 'calorie restrictors' to see if a strict eating regimen prolongs human lives, and if so, would those extra years be healthy, happy ones?
Burning the Midnight Oil May Lead to Weight Gain
  'Night owls' took in an average 248 more calories per day, study found
COR Medical Group's echo lab reaccredited through 2014
  Lab has been recognized for demonstrating the pursuit of excellence in the field of echocardiography
Cooked Right, Fish Can Help a Woman's Heart
  Study found eating it broiled or baked reduced risk of heart failure by 30%
Omega-3 Fatty Acids May Help Heart Patients With Stents
  Giving fish oil capsules along with standard care made clots easier to break up. Unclear if patients will do better.
Study Finds Almost 1 in 5 Young Adults Has High Blood Pressure
  Rate is much higher than was previously reported in 24- to 32-year-olds in U.S.
Psoriasis, High Blood Pressure May Be Linked
  Hypertension tends to be more severe in people with the skin condition, study finds
Learn more about Hypertension
  The higher your blood pressure is, the higher the risk of heart disease. How to treat hypertension with medications and lifestyle changes.
Blood Pressure Drug Helps Those With Mild Heart Failure
  Eplerenone (Inspra) reduced cardiovascular complications, including irregular heart rhythm
Heart Failure, Weak Bones Often Go Together, Study Finds
  But the bone-thinning disease is frequently unrecognized, expert says
Learn more about Heart Failure
  What is it and how to treat it.
Best Heart Transplant Outcomes Seen at High-Volume Centers
  High-risk patients urged to seek care at hospitals where teams are most familiar with the surgery. Cedars-Sinai was number one in heart transplant volume in the US in 2010.
Health Tip: Protect Your Heart
  Help reduce your risk of coronary artery disease
Cardiac Rehab Can Boost Survival After Angioplasty, Study Finds
  But not enough patients take advantage of these programs, experts say
After Heart Attack, Certain Painkillers May Raise Risk for Recurrence
  Even a week's worth of some non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs could be hazardous, study finds
Anemia Drug May Worsen Heart Attacks
  Study finds Procrit offers no cardiac protection, may increase risk after acute attack
Irregular Heartbeat Linked to Raised Death Risk in Women
  But overall risk due to new-onset atrial fibrillation still fairly low.
Fewer Medicare Patients Hospitalized for Heart Trouble
  10-year review suggests efforts to combat cardiac problems and prevention may be paying off
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