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Hello, here is your June 2014 issue of Heart Health e-Newslettter.
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Dr. Caren and Dr. Urman's Heart Health

One of a doctor’s primary obligations is to educate patients.  In fact the origin of the word ‘doctor’ is (via Old French) from the Latin doctor which means ‘teacher’ (from docere ‘teach’).

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U.S. News & World Report ranks the Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute as a
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Drs. Caren and Urman are proud to be Attending Cardiologists in the:
# 1 Cardiology and Heart Surgery Program in Los Angeles
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Cedars-Sinai Medical Center is on the prestigious Best Hospitals 2013 - 14 Honor Roll.

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Health News

Heart Patients Without Artery Plaque Buildup Still Face Risks: Study
They still have an increased likelihood of heart attack, death, researchers found

WEDNESDAY, June 4, 2014 People who have heart disease without major plaque build-up in their coronary arteries still face a significantly increased risk for heart attack and death, a new study indicates.

The condition... » Read the full article

Some Breast Cancer Patients May Get Drug-Linked Heart Failure: Study
But many aren't getting treated for the condition, researchers say

TUESDAY, June 3, 2014 More than one in 10 older breast cancer patients treated with certain chemotherapy drugs develop heart failure, but many don't get proper treatment for their heart condition, a new study suggests.

<... » Read the full article

Heart Attack in Middle Age May Be Tougher on Women
Reasons aren't clear, but study found male survivors were healthier to start with

MONDAY, June 2, 2014 Women who survive a heart attack before age 55 tend to face more complications over the coming months than men do, new research suggests.

One year after their heart attack, women had worse physica... » Read the full article

Calcium Supplements Don't Raise Women's Heart Risks, Study Says
But it's better to get this essential mineral from your diet, experts say

FRIDAY, May 30, 2014 In the wake of concerns that calcium supplements increase the risk for heart attack or stroke, a large, new U.S. study offers women and their doctors some reassurance.

Researchers from Brigham and... » Read the full article

Heart Risks Depend on Which Blood Pressure Number Is High: Study
Researchers also discovered lifetime heart risks were greater even with medications to treat the condition

THURSDAY, May 29, 2014 When you have high blood pressure, exactly what type of increased heart risk you face may be determined by which number in your blood pressure reading is high, new research shows.

In a blood pre... » Read the full article

Diabetes May Be Bigger Threat to the Female Heart: Study
Women with diabetes face 40 to 50 percent greater risk of heart disease than men with diabetes, researchers say

THURSDAY, May 22, 2014 Diabetes appears to pose a greater risk to heart health for women than men, a new analysis of current research contends.

"The risk of coronary heart disease conferred... » Read the full article

Losing Weight at Any Age May Help the Heart
Dropping excess pounds -- even in middle-age or later -- linked to better heart health, study finds

WEDNESDAY, May 21, 2014 Healthy weight loss at any time in adulthood is good for your heart, a new study indicates.

"Our findings suggest that losing weight at any age can result in long-term cardiovascular health ben... » Read the full article

Researchers Shed Light on Link Between Stress, Heart Trouble
Study suggests brain may be key to the connection between negative emotions and inflammation

TUESDAY, May 13, 2014 Researchers say they've gained new insight into how stress and other negative emotions can raise the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Previous studies have shown that stress, anger, anxiety and ... » Read the full article

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June 06, 2014

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Exercise Crucial for Women's Heart Health After 30
Study finds physical inactivity the most likely predictor of heart disease in women
40 Isn't Too Old To Start Intensive Exercise, Study Finds
Similar heart benefits seen in men who began endurance workouts before 30 or after 40
Sustained Workouts May Help Aging Hearts
Researchers found improvements in seniors' 'heart rate variability' that might reduce heart attack risk
Fitness May Help Older Men With High Blood Pressure Live Longer
Seniors with high fitness levels had half the risk of dying, finds study
There May Be Such a Thing as 'Too Much Exercise'
Research suggests that moderate activity might be best for people with pre-existing heart disease
Health Tip: Exercise for Stress Relief
Get aerobic activity regularly
Daily Aspirin Regimen Not Safe for Everyone, FDA Warns
It may cause more harm than good in those who have not experienced heart problems or stroke
Resveratrol in Red Wine May Not Be Such a Health Booster, After All
Substance doesn't seem to protect people from heart disease, cancer, study says
More Americans Hospitalized for Irregular Heartbeat, Study Finds
Most patients had several health problems, including high blood pressure, diabetes, lung disease
Delay in Starting Blood Thinners After Stent Placement Risks Death
Going 3 days without Plavix triples odds of heart attack within a month
Blood Pressure Drugs Help Keep Heart Trouble at Bay: FDA
Experts suggest ways to keep high blood pressure under control
People With High Blood Pressure Often Have a 'Salt Tooth'
Small new study suggests that some may have an unhealthy preference for saltier food
Using Internet, Apps to Manage Blood Pressure Has Dangers
Researchers find measurement errors, misleading information
Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor
A way for your physician to accurately assess your blood pressure range over the course of a day
Wolfgang Puck's Fitter Feast
The renown chef's new book emphasizes a healthy, balanced lifestyle (Robb Report)
Health Tip: Take Steps to Cut Cholesterol
Limit fats derived from animals
Health Tip: Trim the Fat From Meat
Suggestions from the American Heart Association
New Drug May Help Lower 'Bad' Cholesterol Beyond Statins
Injectable therapy shows promise in global trial but more study needed, researchers say
Heart Healthy Diets
Eating your way to a healthy heart.
Early Menopause Linked to Heart Failure Risk in Swedish Study
Association was even stronger among women who had a history of smoking, researchers say
Sleeping Pill Use Tied to Poorer Survival for Heart Failure Patients
Study also found heightened odds for heart trouble in patients taking benzodiazepine sleep aids
Walking at Home Can Help Boost Poor Circulation in Legs
Easier than going to supervised exercise program for those with narrowed arteries, study shows
FDA Approves New Type of Anti-Clotting Drug
Zontivity, which belongs to a novel class of drugs, reduced heart, stroke, cardiovascular death in patients
Sleep Apnea Linked to Raised Stroke Risk in Women, Too
Later onset of the sleep disorder may have led to an underestimation of women's risk, study suggests
Migraines Linked to Increased Risk of 'Silent Strokes'
Treating migraines might reduce stroke risk, researchers suggest
Fruits and Veggies May Lower Stroke Risk
Aim for at least four to five a day, experts advise
Know the Signs of Stroke
Follow the FAST rule, experts advise
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