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Hello, here is your July 2014 issue of Heart Health e-Newslettter.
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Dr. Caren and Dr. Urman's Heart Health

One of a doctor’s primary obligations is to educate patients.  In fact the origin of the word ‘doctor’ is (via Old French) from the Latin doctor which means ‘teacher’ (from docere ‘teach’).

This complimentary monthly educational service is for our patients and their families but please forward it to anyone who might find it of interest. Click here to enter our website and learn more about our practice. We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions or wish to make an appointment. 

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Do You Need to Be Taking Statins?
Do You Need to Be Taking a Daily Aspirin?


U.S. News & World Report ranks the Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute as a
Top 10 Heart Program in the nation
in the 2013 - 14 "Best Hospitals" report -- a reflection of the leading edge cardiac services we offer and the results we obtain for our patients, their families and the community

Drs. Caren and Urman are proud to be Attending Cardiologists in the:
# 1 Cardiology and Heart Surgery Program in Los Angeles
# 1 Heart Program in California
# 1 Heart Program in The Western US

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center is on the prestigious Best Hospitals 2013 - 14 Honor Roll.

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Health News

High Blood Pressure May Up Psoriasis Risk for Women
Long-term use of certain medications also linked to higher risk, study found

WEDNESDAY, July 2, 2014 Women with high blood pressure may have an increased risk of developing the skin disease psoriasis, new research suggests.

Taking blood pressure medications called beta-blockers also raises the... » Read the full article

Low Vitamin D Levels Linked to High Blood Pressure
Researchers recommend more studies to see if vitamin D supplements can lower pressure

THURSDAY, June 26, 2014 Low levels of vitamin D may be a cause of high blood pressure, according to a new study.

Previous research has suggested a strong link between low levels of vitamin D and high blood pressure, b... » Read the full article

Healthy Weight Loss May Bring Better Sleep, Brighter Mood
But only the emotional boost seemed to last over the long-term, researchers say

TUESDAY, June 24, 2014 (HealthDay News) -- Dropping excess pounds may not only improve your physical health, it might also help you feel more awake and happy, a new study shows.

The research, presented this week at the joint meeting of ... » Read the full article

Screen Older Men Who've Ever Smoked for Aneurysms: Experts
Benefit outweighs cost of checking for weak spots in major blood vessel

MONDAY, June 23, 2014 Older men who smoke or have smoked 100 cigarettes or more should be screened for an abdominal aortic aneurysm, a panel of U.S. health experts recommends.

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force ... » Read the full article

Heart Failure Therapy May Benefit Women More Than Men
But study finds they're less likely than males to receive pacemaker that synchronizes heartbeats

MONDAY, June 23, 2014 Women suffering from heart failure derive more benefit than men do from a pacemaker treatment. But they are less likely than men to receive it, a new analysis shows.

Cardiac resynchronization the... » Read the full article

People With Heart Disease, Diabetes May Be More Likely to Stay on Statins
Study also finds former smokers, overweight better at taking cholesterol-lowering drugs as prescribed

MONDAY, June 23, 2014 People who have heart disease or diabetes, the overweight or obese and former smokers are most likely to keep taking cholesterol-lowering statins, a new study finds.

Previous research has shown ... » Read the full article

Good Heart Health May Keep Your Mind Sharp, Too
Poor heart health linked to mental impairment: study

WEDNESDAY, June 11, 2014 Good heart health benefits your brain, a new study suggests.

People with poor heart health are more likely to develop mental impairment than those with healthy hearts, according to researchers... » Read the full article

Breast Cancer Drug Herceptin Linked to Risk of Heart Problems: Study
But most of these effects reverse after women finish treatment, experts say

MONDAY, June 9, 2014 As many as one in 10 women taking the breast cancer drug trastuzumab (Herceptin) will experience some type of heart problem, according to new research.

The good news from this study is that these ... » Read the full article

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July 04, 2014

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Optimal Treatment for High Blood Pressure Better Defined
Bringing systolic readings below 120-139 might not provide added benefit, researchers say
Blood Pressure Kiosks May Not Always Give Accurate Readings
FDA experts warn that if the cuff is too small or too large for your arm, the results may not be reliable
Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitors
Learn about a more accurate method to best determine if your blood pressure is adequately controlled
Fried Foods May Increase Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease
Eating fried foods could raise your risk for several life-threatening diseases. But not all frying oils may pose the same health risks (Time)
Heart Monitoring May Prevent Some Strokes, Study Suggests
Irregular heartbeat that causes some attacks is often tough to detect, doctors say
Learn More About Event Recorders
These tests often are useful to help diagnose or manage atrial fibrillation.
Learn More About Atrial Fibrillation
Learn more about one of the leading causes of stroke and how it can be treated to reduce one's risk of stroke.
Could Dark Chocolate Help Ease Poor Leg Circulation?
Perhaps, but experts say there are better ways to obtain beneficial polyphenols
Spats, Conflicts Can Raise a Woman's Blood Pressure
But study found negative social interactions didn't affect men, older women
Rare Gene Mutations That Keep Triglyceride Levels Low May Help Shield the Heart
Finding could pave way for new preventive drugs for heart attacks.
Genetic Therapy Controls Cholesterol for Good in Mice
Scientists say they’ve developed way to cut cholesterol permanently with a single injection (Bloomberg News)
Testosterone Products Must Warn About Risk of Venous Clots: FDA
Announcement comes as agency continues broader review of the popular supplements' effects on heart
Latest Study Finds No Link Between Testosterone Supplements, Heart Attack
Finding runs counter to some prior reports; much larger trials are needed, experts say
Hot Dogs, Salami May Raise Men's Heart Failure Risk, Study Suggests
But unprocessed red meat was not implicated in this research
Vitamin D: A Key to a Longer Life?
But experts aren't sure that vitamin D is responsible for lower risk of dying from heart disease, cancer
Treating Sleep Apnea May Lower Heart Risks, Study Finds
For obese patients, weight loss is recommended, too, expert says
Fruits, Veggies Have Health Benefits But Not a Magic Bullet for Weight Loss
Even though they definitely provide health benefits, if you don't reduce your calorie intake, you won't slim down, researcher warns.
Health Tip: Drink Lots of Fluids This Summer
Suggestions for what to drink, and when
Learn More About Aortic Aneurysms
Depression Doubles Odds of Heart Attack for Younger Women: Study
And compared with older women and men, they are more likely to become depressed, researchers say
Stroke Prevention for Women: Start Early
As new guidelines take hold, doctors are focusing on cutting risk at a younger age
Poorly Understood Disorder Disables Many Younger Women
Postural tachycardia syndrome (PoTS) has no consistent treatment, expert says
New Blood Test May Help Detect Heart Transplant Rejection
It might one day spare patients from invasive biopsies, study says
FDA: Bee Pollen Weight Loss Products Pose Health Risks
Some contain undeclared ingredients that can harm people with high blood pressure, other ailments, agency says
Is All That TV Killing You?
Study suggests more than 3 hours daily doubles chance of early death including from heart disease
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