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September 03, 2010

In This Issue
Response Team Reduces Rate of Cardiac Arrests: Hospital
Many Americans Don't Even Know They're Fat
Double-Dose Plavix Benefits Certain Patients, Study Finds
Diet Pill Meridia Ups Heart Attack Risk: Study
Sleep-Deprived Teens Eat More Fat, Study Finds
'DASH Diet' Shown to Lower Heart Attack Risk Almost 20%
Review Finds No Statin-Cancer Link
In Triathletes, Heart Adapts for Efficiency, Scans Show
Today's Feature

Welcome to Dr. Caren and Dr. Urman's Heart Health e-Newsletter. 

This complimentary educational service for our patients and their families is published monthly. Please click above to enter our website and learn more about our practice. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or wish to make an appointment.  

The column on the right has heart-related stories from the last several weeks which we feel are most important and most likely to be of interest to our patients. Addtional general information and recent news about our office can also be found to the right. The latest news items about heart health are found below.

Dr. Urman Radio Interview this Sunday, September 5

He is scheduled to be featured on the CBS Radio's public affairs show "Open Line" hosted by Scott Mason, LIVE and broadcast on 106.7 KROQ-FM from 6:00 AM - 7:00 AM.  It will also simultaneously stream live on the internet at  Dr. Urman will be answering questions related to heart disease and heart health as well as the work of the American Heart Association.

For more information, go to "In Focus" at the bottom of the column to the right including rebroadcast times.

Health News

Response Team Reduces Rate of Cardiac Arrests: Hospital

'Code Blue' emergencies at VA center declined 57 percent in first two years, study shows

THURSDAY, Sept. 2 Having a rapid response team manage hospital patients whose condition is rapidly deteriorating sharply reduced the rate of cardiac arrests at a U.S. hospital, a new study found.

Researchers looked at a rapid response team, known as the eTeam, create... Read the full article

Many Americans Don't Even Know They're Fat

Harris Interactive/HealthDay poll finds 30 percent of those overweight think they're normal size

THURSDAY, Sept. 2 Many Americans have skewed perceptions when it comes to their weight, often believing they are thinner than they really are, even when the scales are shouting otherwise, a new poll finds.

As part of the Harris Interactive... Read the full article

Double-Dose Plavix Benefits Certain Patients, Study Finds

And higher-dose aspirin is no more effective than low dose, researchers say

WEDNESDAY, Sept. 1 More isn't necessarily better when prescribing the two drugs commonly used to treat patients who are in danger of having a heart attack, Plavix (clopidogrel) and aspirin, a new study suggests.

Two reports on the data find that high doses of Plavix ... Read the full article

Diet Pill Meridia Ups Heart Attack Risk: Study

While researchers saw no rise in deaths, some experts wonder if this drug has a future

WEDNESDAY, Sept. 1 (HealthDay News) -- A new study is linking the popular weight loss drug Meridia to an increased risk of non-fatal heart attacks and stroke, although taking the drug did not seem to up the risk of death in patients with a history of heart problems.

The finding is stir... Read the full article

Sleep-Deprived Teens Eat More Fat, Study Finds

Those who get less than eight hours a night at risk for obesity, experts say

WEDNESDAY, Sept. 1 Teens who sleep less than eight hours a night are more likely to eat a high-fat diet that puts them at risk for obesity and the many health problems connected with it, new research shows.

The study, published in the Sept... Read the full article

'DASH Diet' Shown to Lower Heart Attack Risk Almost 20%

Eating more fruits and vegetables, fewer fats can cut your 10-year risk of heart disease, study says

TUESDAY, Aug. 31 Eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and low in saturated fats can significantly lower the risk of heart attack for people with mildly elevated blood pressure, Johns Hopkins University researchers say.

The diet they examined -- called the DA... Read the full article

Review Finds No Statin-Cancer Link

Cancer death rates in 26 trials the same as those taking a placebo, researchers find

TUESDAY, Aug. 31 There's no evidence that popular cholesterol-lowering statins cause cancer, says a review that challenges earlier research raising concerns that the drugs may be associated with an increase in cancer and cancer-related deaths.

The findings should rea... Read the full article

In Triathletes, Heart Adapts for Efficiency, Scans Show

Combining endurance and resistance training best for optimal cardiac health, study suggests

TUESDAY, Aug. 31 The hearts of triathletes adapt to the rigors of training and competition by becoming more efficient, which suggests that combining endurance and resistance training may be the best way to achieve optimal heart health, researchers s... Read the full article

Wider Waist May Raise Risk for Dying Prematurely
  Study suggests it increases chances of heart trouble, cancer, respiratory disease, independent of weight
Just a Little Belly Fat Can Damage Blood Vessels
  Raises risk for high blood pressure, other heart problems, study finds
Modest Visceral Fat Gain Decreases Endothelial (blood vessel lining) Function
  Gain of 9 lbs in young adults enough to cause this; dysfunction reversible with weight loss
Active Lifestyle May Help Counter Obesity Genes
  Those with inherited susceptibility to being overweight urged to get moving
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Migraine With Aura Linked to Small Rise in Heart, Stroke Risks
  Experts say individual risk is low, more research is needed
Red Meat May Boost Women's Heart Disease Risk
  Eating fish, poultry, nuts and low-fat dairy lowers the chances, study shows
Adding Fish Oil to Low-Fat/High-Carb Diet May Improve Cholesterol
  Strategy helped those with cluster of unhealthy heart risk factors, study found
Small Amounts of Dark Chocolate May Guard Against Heart Failure
  Study found Swedish women who ate it a few times a month were protected
Health Tip: Eat Lots of Fiber
  Here are high-fiber food choices
Health Tip: Get the Nutrients You Need
  Are some essentials missing from your diet?
Gene Variants Linked to Abnormal Lipids Identified
  Researchers find 59 genetic variants significantly associated with lipid traits for the first time
Genome Studies Point to Cholesterol-Regulating Genes
  But researchers caution any possible clinical application is many years away
Walking to School Could Ease Classroom Stress
  In study, kids 'commuting' by feet had better heart rate, blood pressure during test
Proper Training for Marathon Run Takes Time, Experts Say
  Advice includes building up mileage slowly and avoiding overtraining
Hostile, Competitive Types May Be Harming Their Hearts
  Italian study finds personality linked to a thickening of neck artery wall
Improved Outcomes Seen With Drug-Eluting Stents
  Result in lower mortality, less MI and target vessel revascularization than bare-metal stents
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In Focus:
Doctor Urman Radio Interview (Click here for broadcast info)
  Dr. Urman is scheduled to be interviewed live Sunday morning, September 5, 2010 regarding heart disease and its prevention.
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