Heart Health e-News: September 2012

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September 07, 2012

In This Issue
Breast Cancer Drug May Harm the Heart More Than Thought
Survival More Likely With Exercise-Related Cardiac Arrest: Study
Stress, a 'Type A' Personality May Boost Stroke Risk
Belly Fat May Hit Your Heart the Hardest
4 Eating Habits May Help Older Women Maintain Weight Loss
Midlife Fitness May Mean Healthier Old Age, Study Finds
Rosie O'Donnell's Heart Attack a Lesson for Women
Statins' Heart Benefits Outweigh Diabetes Risk: Study
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Health News

Breast Cancer Drug May Harm the Heart More Than Thought

Analysis finds increased risk of cardiac problems with Herceptin in real-world setting

THURSDAY, Aug. 30 Women with breast cancer who are treated with the cancer drug Herceptin may have more long-term cardiac problems than experts have thought, new research suggests.

It has been known that women treated with anti-cancer drugs known ... » Read the full article

Survival More Likely With Exercise-Related Cardiac Arrest: Study

Many benefitted from bystander CPR

THURSDAY, Aug. 30 People who suffer a cardiac arrest during or shortly after exercise are three times more likely to survive than those who have a cardiac arrest not linked to exercise, a new study finds.

Sudden cardiac arrest results from an abno... » Read the full article

Stress, a 'Type A' Personality May Boost Stroke Risk

Experts suggest the anger and hostility of a hard-driven personality could be to blame

THURSDAY, Aug. 30 Stressed-out, type A personalities may be more likely to suffer a stroke than their mellow counterparts, a new Spanish study suggests.

Previous research has linked stress to heart disease, but this latest finding, which appears ... » Read the full article

Belly Fat May Hit Your Heart the Hardest

Study finds risk of cardiovascular death highest in those with 'central obesity'

TUESDAY, Aug. 28 People who have a normal weight but have excess belly fat may have a higher risk of dying from heart disease than even obese individuals, researchers report.

In a new study, investigators found that normal-weight people who have w... » Read the full article

4 Eating Habits May Help Older Women Maintain Weight Loss

In 4-year study, those who kept pounds off decreased 3 food groups and increased fruits, vegetables

TUESDAY, Aug. 28 Older women who want to keep off weight -- no small feat for many after menopause -- might consider four specific eating behaviors, according to new research.

"Losing weight and maintaining a weight loss is incredibly difficult," ... » Read the full article

Midlife Fitness May Mean Healthier Old Age, Study Finds

Common conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's less likely

MONDAY, Aug. 27 Staying physically fit in middle age makes it less likely that you'll develop chronic diseases ranging from heart disease to certain cancers in old age, new research finds.

"Not only do the people with higher fitness live a little ... » Read the full article

Rosie O'Donnell's Heart Attack a Lesson for Women

Symptoms can be subtler than in men, experts say

TUESDAY, Aug. 21 When Rosie O'Donnell discovered she had suffered a heart attack, the TV personality was as surprised as anyone else because her symptoms weren't what she associated with a major coronary event.

Instead of crushing pain, often lik... » Read the full article

Statins' Heart Benefits Outweigh Diabetes Risk: Study

Even those at risk from diabetes benefit from lower cholesterol, experts say

THURSDAY, Aug. 9 The cardiac benefits of statins outweigh any increased chances for developing diabetes, even among those who run the highest risk of developing the blood sugar disease, Harvard researchers report.

The c... » Read the full article

New Line of Attack to Prevent Heart Attacks
  Researchers Seek To Determine Whether Treating Inflammation Can Reduce Risk Of CV Events.(WSJ-subscription required)
Mercury, omega-3 oils from fish at odds in heart health
  Avoiding high-mercury fish such as tuna or swordfish allow the benefit without the risk (Reuters)
Your Blood Type May Boost Your Heart Risk, Study Finds
  But lifestyle is still more important, experts say
'Yo-Yo' Dieting Won't Harm Long-Term Weight Loss Efforts
  Study found no differences among 'weight cyclers' and others as time went on
New Blood Thinner Effient No Better Than Plavix at Preventing Heart Trouble
  In patients who were not getting bypass surgery or stents, results and risks were equal
More Evidence That Exercise in Middle Age Boosts Health
  Brisk walking, biking, even house and yard work can cut harmful inflammation, study finds
Keeping Up a Healthy Lifestyle Pays Off in Added Years: Study
  Seniors who keep active and don't smoke live an average 5 years longer
Marathons Safe for Aging Boomers Whom Are Healthy
  Signs of heart stress in 50-somethings resolved within a week, tests showed. Making sure one's heart is ok first is important however.
More Evidence That Exercise Helps Fight Diabetes
  Studies found staying active cut death risk in type 2 disease, which weight training helped prevent in men
Close Relative's Early Death May Raise Your Heart Risk
  But healthy lifestyle lessens the odds of cardiovascular disease, expert says
Spouses of Heart Attack Victims May Face Heightened Depression Risk
  And men more susceptible than women to psychological problems, study finds
Low-Cal Diets Kept Monkeys Healthier, But Didn't Lengthen Lives
  Study runs counter to previous research that suggested caloric restriction might allow one to live longer. Perhaps it just seems longer?
Stroke Prevention: More Sweet News for Chocolate Lovers
  But it's still too soon for recommendations, researchers say
Stroke Risk Higher After Bypass Than Angioplasty
  About 1 in 80 surgery patients, 1 in 300 angioplasty patients have stroke complication, new review shows
Daily Aspirin May Help Fight Prostate Cancer, But Not Breast Cancer
  Studies showed 57% reduction in death risk with first, no benefit with second
Irregular Heartbeat May Pose Higher Stroke Risk for Women Than Men
  But large study of atrial fibrillation found this only holds true in oldest patients
Strategy May Help ER Docs Spot Heart Attacks in an Hour
  Cardiac enzyme data may enhance diagnosis, but some experts say more study is needed
Health Tip: Work Out in Water
  It's low impact, and can help you lose weight
Modern Technology Adds to Worldwide Obesity Woes
  As countries gain information and communication advances, populations pack on pounds, research shows
40 Proven Strategies to Improve Public Health
  Affordable healthy foods, public smoking bans among the methods shown to work
Egg Yolks Almost as Bad for Arteries as Smoking: Study
  But industry and some health experts say the food may not be so dangerous
High BPA Levels Seen in People With Narrowed Arteries: Study
  More of chemical used in plastics showed up in the urine of adults with coronary artery disease
Weight-Loss Surgery May Help Prevent Type 2 Diabetes
  Medications, lifestyle changes still first-line prevention, researchers say
Newer Psoriasis Drugs May Lower Heart Attack Risk
  TNF blockers, other older treatments seemed to cut risk compared to topical meds in study
Statins Won't Hurt, Might Even Help, Your Pancreas: Study
  Findings contradict previous reports on possible connection
Newer Drug-Releasing Stent Cuts Chances of Cardiac Events: Study
  One releasing biolimus showed better outcomes than bare metal stents
Obesity in Middle Age Tied to More Rapid Mental Decline
  'Fat and fit' concept may not apply to brain function, research suggests
Daily Aspirin May Cut Cancer Deaths, Another Study Finds
  But drug has bleeding risks and shouldn't be used solely to prevent cancer
The 'Nocebo' Effect: If You Think You'll Get Sick, You Will
  Study author suggests doctors give patients less info on potential drug side effects, but is that ethical?
Fainting Might Run in Families, Twin Study Finds
  Multiple genes and environmental factors influence the phenomenon, researchers say
More Americans Walking, But Still Not Enough, CDC Says
  Almost half of adults don't get enough exercise to improve their health: report
Implantable Defibrillators Linked to Decline in Cardiac Arrests
  1 in 20 carriers can expect a life-saving shock each year, researcher says
Focus on Healthy Aging
  Health Tip: Don't smoke, and limit alcohol
Balance, Strength Training Reduce Falls for Elderly
  Researchers recommend incorporating these exercises into everyday activities
Health Tip: Maintain Your Ideal Weight
  Check it weekly
Cholesterol Levels Getting Better for U.S. Kids: CDC
  But small gains may be offset by obesity crisis
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